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Guys today I read about this statement, “Business and blogging makes good sense”, especially when your business depends on how well you communicate with your audience. These are what I am sharing from my other blogs with the following titles:

And to make this strategy interesting, today, Malaysian Airlines (MAS) has hopped on the blogging world and so far, it looks like a commendable effort, deserving of an automatic upgrading to the next class, nice 3-D design – birds’ eye view of a warm cup of coffee.

According to MAS, the blog with a tagline “Living Malaysian Hospitality – Eating, Breathing, Sleeping MH” is in line with its Business Transformation Plan, giving voice to some 19,000 of her employees to share their personal stories. In the past MAS communicate directly to their customers via top management and via their communication division. Now they are communicating with the latest trend that is blogging. Well done MAS! but I am wondering why comments are currently closed! I hope that comments will be opened up soon to others to comments and complaints! (if any). Remember, the whole idea of a blog is not a one-way conversation, which in itself isn’t a conversation.

Hope after this more corporate companies in Malaysia will follow suit and hope with the birth of this MAS blog, it will help the airline to improve its service and a smooth flight all the way…up, up, up and away!!!

Okay guys, excuse me, I am going back to my SecretClassroom, see ya later and enjoy reading the “Living Malaysian Hospitality – Eating, Breathing, Sleeping MH”

Olympic Dream: Riding to Glory

Beijing Olympic Games is just around the corner. The event will officially starts on August 4 until 24, 2008. Today I read about this guy, Azizul Hasni Awang, who is a cyclist age 20 and a medal prospect for Malaysia and a possible gold! You better believe it. It will be history in the making. “Malaysia Boleh!” Why is so?

He has triggered much furore and admiration in the build-up. For record, Azizul has beaten Dutch two-time world champion Theo Bos, reigning Olympic champion Ryan Bayley of Australia and his compatriot and idol Josiah Ng in competitions leading up to the Olympics.

The International Press has given a nickname to Azizul, the 20-year old double Asian keirin and sprint champion from Dungun, Terengganu, “Pocket Rocket Man”. If you need to know about Azizul, get in touch with him at his “Pocket Rocket Man” blog. On his day, Azizul explodes into an unstoppable rhythm. His style has drawn superlatives from critics, believers in the fact that he is a rider born to be a sprinter. One thing I am impressed with him is that not only he is a “rocket man” but he like blogging too to share his experience. Keep it up Azizul, make Malaysians proud and let’s create history and glory.

Azizul is from a bad boy on track to ride an Olympic glory in Beijing! Go! Go! Go!

Latest News: Azizul has been handed the honor of being the nation’s flag-bearer for the opening ceremony.

Anwar vs Najib

Guys, I want to bring you through a time machine. This took place in Kuala Lumpur in 1975. At that time I was still a kid at 9 years old. At that time, it created history in Malaysia and everyone are very excited with the bout between Muhammad Ali and Joe Bugner at Stadium Merdeka. I could remember at that showdown in Kuala Lumpur which was shown live on TV.

Muhammad Ali was lured to Kuala Lumpur by a $2Million purse to resume hostilities with Briton Joe Bugner. He was also intrigued to be in Malaysia as it was only the second Muslim country he had fought in (Indonesia being the first).

Let us refresh our memory and view the short video on the bout at
This is from Ali’s website: Muhammad Ali Memorabilia

And today I read a similar intriguing news in local dailies. It is not about two fighters, instead about two politicians. The fight shall not be on the ring but maybe in the court! Anwar vs Najib. It will be a head on collision according to The Star and Najib says Why Now? in the NST.

Guys…let’s read all here and we will see that the truth shall prevail! Make a lot of doa in this month of Rejab.


“Kampung Boy” heads for Germany

It is not about Euro2008 semifinal between Germany and Turkey, but it is about a local book, Lat’s Kampung Boy (will be known as Ein Frechdachs Auf Malaysia in Germany), a favourite of millions of readers in Southeast Asia, will hit Germany in October 2008 during the Frankfurt book fair.

The illustrated book by Datuk Mohd Nor Khalid, better known as Lat, will be translated into German and sold at Euro9.90 (RM50.95).

Yesterday, publishing company Horlemann Verlag signed a contract with Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia (ITNM) to publish the book in German. They willl also market the book.

Kampung Boy is about a Malay boy growing up in a village in the 1950s. The book was written over 30 years ago and has been translated into Portuguese, Japanese, French and English.

“I never expected the book to go so far. I just did it for Malaysians and the tourists,” said Lat.

So it is not impossible for local writers to succeed internationally. “Malaysia Boleh” to Datuk Mohd Nor Khalid, better known as Lat.

To my German friends here is the news all about,

Es ist nicht über die Euro2008 Vorschlussrunde zwischen Deutschland und der Türkei, aber es ist über ein lokales Buch, der Kampung Junge von Lat (wird als Ein Frechdachs Auf Malaysia in Deutschland bekannt), ein Liebling von Millionen von Lesern in Südostasien, wird Deutschland im Oktober 2008 während der Frankfurter Buchmesse schlagen.

Das illustrierte Buch durch Datuk Mohd Nor Khalid, besser bekannt als Lat, wird ins Deutsche übersetzt und an Euro9.90 (RM50.95) verkauft.

Gestern unterzeichnete Verlag Horlemann Verlag einen Vertrag mit Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia (ITNM), um das Buch auf Deutsch zu veröffentlichen. Sie willl bringen auch das Buch auf den Markt.

Kampung-Junge ist über einen malaiischen Jungen, der in einem Dorf in den 1950er Jahren aufwächst. Das Buch wurde vor mehr als 30 Jahren geschrieben und ist ins Portugiesische, Japanische, Französische und Englisches übersetzt worden.

“Ich nahm nie an, dass das Buch bis jetzt ging. Ich tat es gerade für Malaysier und die Touristen,” sagte Lat.

So ist das für lokale Schriftsteller nicht unmöglich, international erfolgreich zu sein. “Malaysia Boleh” Datuk Mohd Nor Khalid, besser bekannt als Lat.

Let’s go to the mosque : “Jom ke Masjid”

This weekend I am quite tight with this program in my community. It is “Jom ke Masjid” program, where all muslim in the subang jaya community and also the surrounding area gather at the mosque starting today 13 June until Sunday, 15 June 2008. If you are free this weekend, I would like to welcome you to visit us at Masjid Darul Ehsan Subang Jaya. To all non-muslim friends, you are also welcome to meet us fellow muslim friends and join few programs at the mosque. All are welcome.

There are so many interesting programs in store for all ages, to name a few, like:

  • Free blood donation
  • Free health checkup (sugar, blood pressure, body mass index, breast cancer!)
  • Exhibition by police force
  • Futsal Sem-final and final (for adult)
  • Motobike show
  • Khat and Caligraphy contest
  • Concert by Akhil Hayy and Rabbani
  • Quran reading contest
  • Coloring contest for children with Malaysian cartonist, Ujang
  • Food stalls, business booths
  • many more . . . . .

Why “Jom ke Masjid”?

Sahi-bin-Sa’d narrates that he heard the Prophet (sallalahu’alaihi wa salam) saying, “Give glad tidings to those who go to Masjid frequently during hours of darkness, for they will have perfect light on the day of judgment”.

The value of going to Masjid in the darkness of the night shall be realized on the dreadful day of judgment when everybody shall be in a very miserable plight. In a hadith it is said, “Of all the places on this earth, the mosques are the dearest to Allah and the markets are the most offensive to Him”. In another Hadith the Masjid or the mosques are called “The gardens of Paradise”.

So let us go to masjid more frequently, starting this weekend . . . . . . . “Jom ke Masjid” . . . . . . .

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