A night of Ramadhan called Laylatul Qadr

Amongst the nights of Ramadhan there is one called ‘Laylatul Qadr’ a night that is noted for its great blessings.. In the Quran Karim describes it as being greater in blessing and spiritual virtue than a thousand months, which in turn means that it is greater than eighty three years and four months. Indeed the granting of this night to the faithful Muslim is a great favor. Fortunate indeed is that person who attains the full blessings of this night by spending it in the ibadah (prayer) of Allah because he has then attained reward for the ibadah of eighty three years and four months and even more.

Based on one hadith, Aa’isha radhiyal’lahu anha reports that Rasulullah (The Messenger of Allah) s.a.w. said: “Seek Laylatul Qadr among the evenly numbered nights of the last ten days of the month of Ramadhan“.

This full of blessed night is mentioned in the Quran in the Surah Qadr. Where in this surah, it says that on the specific night, the Quran was sent down from Al Lawhul Mahfuz (The preserved Tablet) to the heavens (above the earth). The mere fact that the Quran was revealed on this night would have been sufficient reason to explain its greatness.

Another hadith by Anas radhiyal’lahu anhu wherein Rasulullah s.a.w. is reported to have said “On Laylatul Qadr, Jibra’il alayhis’ salam comes down with a group of angels and make doa’s (prayers) for mercy for every one whom they find busy in ibadah“.

Abu Hurairah radhiyal’lahu anhu reports that Rasulullah s.a.w. said: “Whoever stands in prayer and ibadah on the night of Power with sincere faith and with sincere hope of gaining reward, his previous sins are forgiven“.

Today already 15 Ramadhan, so we must get ready and prepare to get this full of blessed night Laylatul Qadr.

Rasulullah s.a.w said: “Allah says: ‘O son of Adam, spend your time in My service and I shall enrich you with independence and freedom, and I shall remove poverty from you. Otherwise I shall fill you with obligations and duties while your poverty and needs shall not dissappear’ “.

Commentary from Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya on this blessed night:

Who can have any doubt as to the misfortune of him who is either deprived or deprives himself of the greatness of Laylatul Qadr? Who can doubt the misfortune of him who misses all the bestowed favors? Indeed there are so many of us, who during the course of their service and duties of employment have stay awake throughout the years by night. How difficult can it be for people like these should they, for the sake of gaining the reward of over eighty years ibadah, stay awake for one month in the way of Allah service? For them the task should not be too difficult, but, because of the lack of interest, there is no urge in the heart. If that was present, then not one night, but a thousand nights in worshipping Allah would become exceedingly easy“.

May Allah blessed us all and may Allah gives us strength to find this one greatness night of all, Laylatul Qadr.

10 great goals to set for this Ramadan

This article extracted from Sound Vision website and authored by Sound Vision Staff writer

This is for the spirit of Ramadan, a month where millions of Muslims worldwide are fasting from dawn to sunset.

The 10 great goals are:

  1. Eat, drink and be moderate

Almost all of us do it – once Iftar (breaking fast) time hits, we just keep plowing food and drink into our mouths till it’s hard to move afterwards. And those of us who do it know this is totally contrary to the spirit of Ramadan, through which we’re supposed to learn self-control not self-indulgence. Let’s try to stick to the Prophetic rule on eating: fill our stomachs with one-third food, one-third water and one-third breathing space, even in Ramadan.

  1. Give a dollar a day in charity…or five or ten

The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, was always generous but even more so in Ramadan. Let’s open our hearts and dig a little deeper in our wallets this year. Even less than a dollar a day adds up. Whatever you can give, it’s the intention that counts.

  1. Memorize 4 new Surahs

Memorizing the Quran often seems like a daunting task. But the key is doing it in small bites. Since there are four weeks in Ramadan, try to memorize one new Surah a week. Start off with a short, easy one. Once you’ve started, you’ll build momentum and may even want to memorize a longer one the following week.

  1. Go to Tarawih prayers

Post-Iftar, the first urge is to sleep after an exhausting day. But try your best to head out to the mosque for Tarawih prayers. Praying alone is wonderful, but doing it in congregation is fantastic. The community spirit is part of Ramadan’s blessings. Don’t miss it this year. If going every day is not possible, try going at least one week.

  1. Attend the Tarawih prayer in which the recitation of the Quran will be finished

Call the local mosque and find out which day the Imam will be finishing the recitation of the Quran in prayer. Attend to not only hear part of the Quran’s recitation in prayer, but also participate in the heart-rending Duas that follow it.

  1. Stop swearing and/or backbiting – with a special box

It’s hard not to shoot our mouths off when someone’s upset us. Whether we utter those four-letter words or backbite about someone to our family and friends, we know this isn’t the God-approved way of letting off steam. In Ramadan, when we want to build our spirituality, we’ve got to wage Jihad against our bad habits.

Try this: get a box and every time you catch yourself swearing or backbiting put some money in it. It could be a buck or less. The point is to choose an amount that makes it feel like punishment.

At the end of the month send the money to a charity or buy a gift for the person whom you’ve backbitten the most against.

  1. Call/email your relatives

You’d think that given the easy access to email, competitive long-distance calling rates, phone cards, etc. these days, we’d keep in touch with family and friends more often. But the opposite seems to be the case, as we get caught up in life’s “busyness.”

Strengthening ties with family members and keeping in touch with friends is part of our way of life and an act Allah is very pleased with. This Ramadan, call family and friends or at least email them a Ramadan card and ask them how their fasting is going.

  1. Go on a technology diet

Even if you work in the IT industry, you can do this. Avoid checking personal email and surfing the web during your fast. After Iftar, instead of plopping yourself in front of the screen, go to Tarawih. The same goes for the television. The point is to try to give our full attention to spiritual elevation this month.

  1. Read 5 minutes of Quran a day…just five, not more, not less

Even if you feel you’ve got absolutely no time, set a timer or the alarm on your cell phone and find a relatively quiet place. You can read the first page of the Quran you open or follow a sequence. The choice is yours. The point is simply to connect with God through His revelation in the month of the Quran.

  1. Forgive everyone who has hurt you

Still got a festering wound from the fight with your friend last year? Still upset about something your spouse said during a heated argument? Or are you still bitter about the way your parents sometimes treated you as a kid? Let go of the anger and pain this Ramadan and forgive those who have hurt you. Forgiving someone is not only good for the body, but it’s also great for the soul. And in Ramadan, ten days of which are devoted to Allah’s forgiveness, shouldn’t we lesser beings forgive too?

If you find it very difficult to forgive everyone, forgive at least three people.

This article extracted from Sound Vision website and authored by Sound Vision Staff writer


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Source: http://www.islamonline.net/

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Ramadhan, the month of fasting for Muslims

I would like to wish all my Muslim friends and Muslim readers to this humble blog a great Ramadhan. For non-Muslim friends and readers, let me brief here what is Ramadhan.

For over one billion Muslims throughout the world, Ramadhan is a special month of the year. During the month of Ramadhan, Muslims fast from dawn to sunset every day. Ramadhan was the month in which the first verses of the holy Qur’an were revealed to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). It is a time for inner reflection, devotion to God and self-control. The sighting of the new moon at the end of Ramadhan heralds the celebration of Eid ul-Fitri. This year the month of Ramadhan will begins on September 13, 2007.

Dr. Sano Koutoub Moustapha, Professor of Jurisprudence and its Principles at the International Islamic University, Malaysia, states the following:

Let us keep praying Almighty Allah to bless us in the month of Sha`ban and give us the chance to fast the month of Ramadan. For better preparation for the holy month of Ramadan, I propose the following:

1. Keep praying daily that Allah gives us the chance and grants us good health that will enable us to fast the holy month.
2. Start repenting and seeking the forgiveness of the Almighty for all our wrongdoings before Ramadhan.
3. Seek the strength from Allah to fast in the way that He likes and wants.
4. Seek forgiveness from all members of your family, workmates, neighbors, and relatives for any wrongdoing against them.
5. Refrain from backbiting, slandering, and unlawful mixing with people.
6. Clean your heart and soul from envy, jealousy, hypocrisy, arrogance, and all heart diseases.
7. Seek the blessings of your parents, if they are alive, and their forgiveness for your shortcomings towards them.
8. Increase your du`aa’ and commitment to your daily duties and obligations.

With this, we will be able to achieve the main goals of fasting in the holy month of Ramadhan.

For inspiration and understand of the month of Ramadhan, sit back and view this video (in Bahasa Malaysia, my mother tongue)

Then view this video in Arabic,

View what American Muslims are saying about Ramadhan,

May Allah guide us all to the straight path!
Wassalam and Allah Almighty knows best.

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