Preparation to Ramadhan which is coming again

Dear brothers and sisters,

I wanted to personally say to the Ummah Ramadan Al-Mubarak! May Allah SWT grant you a successful Ramadan. May the coming month allow us to reflect not only on the Ummah but on the entire creation and all the wonderful blessings of Allah SWT. May we strive to be patient, understanding, just, and firm in our faith. May we use our faith as a catalyst to project Islam into action and bring about a lasting peace throughout mankind. May we be willing to stand up against wickedness and repel evil with good in all forms. May we remember the example of the Prophet Muhammad SAW and utilize the best of manners when dealing with those who are different from us. May we exemplify the revelation of Allah (swt) in all our daily routines. I ask that Allah SWT grant us the strength to repel the whisperings of the Shaitan (evil).

Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.


The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Quran, a guidance for mankind, and clear proofs of the guidance, and the Criterion (of right and wrong).) (Al-Baqarah 2: 185)

Ramadhan is an event that occurs in the life of the faithful, as individuals and as an Ummah, once a year. It is intended by Allah SWT to help us to recharge our spiritual batteries and thus prepare us for the great mission of realizing His will on earth. Therefore, in order to benefit from Ramadhan, we may do well to prepare for it by opening our hearts and minds to embrace it. A lot of us yearn to prepare for Ramadhan, but we have no idea how to start. Below are a few tips to insyaAllah will help prepare our minds and hearts for this upcoming Month of Mercy.

1. Making the Intention

* Simple to do and has a powerful impact. Maybe you want to prepare for Ramadan, but between school, work, family, and any other activities, you just have no idea how to fit in ‘Preparing for Ramadan’ time. Instead of making ‘preparing for Ramadan’ something separate from your daily activities, MAKE your daily activities a means of preparation for Ramadan.

* For example, perhaps your mom asked you to pick up your brother from school on the day you finally had time to read a few extra pages of Qur’an. Instead of feeling upset and feeling like you have lost a great preparation for Ramadan opportunity, make the intention that you are picking up your brother to please Allah SWT and prepare for Ramadan by obeying your mother, helping your family members, building ties of kinship… and the list continues.

* The point is that preparing for Ramadan does not have to be some magnificent, enormous, extra-special thing that needs to be done at a certain time of the day. Many of your daily actions can be turned into Ramadan preparation actions with a sincere intention, insyaAllah.

2. Do these easy-to-reap-reward actions:

* Asking Allah to forgive your brothers and sisters. “Whoever seeks forgiveness for believing men and believing woman, Allah will write for him a good deed for each believing man and believing woman.” [at-Tabarani]

* It was narrated that Abu Hurairah RA said “The Messenger of Allah SAW said: ‘Whoever says “SubhanAllah wa bi hamdih” (praise and glory be to Allah) 100 times, morning and evening, his sins will be erased even if they are like the foam on the sea.” [Narrated by al-Bukhari, 6042; Muslim 2691]

* If a person says “SubhanAllah” (glory be to Allah) 100 times, a thousand good deeds are recorded for him and a thousand bad deeds are wiped away. [Narrated by Muslim 2073]

* Remember Allah when you go shopping : “Whoever enters a market and says:
‘Laa ilaha illallah wahdahu la shareeka lah, lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu yuhyi wa yumeetu wa huwa hayyun laa yamoot, bi yadihil khair, wa huwa ‘ala kulli shayin qadeer’[there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah, alone without partner, to Him belongs dominion and praise, He causes life and death and He is the Living and does not die. In His Hand is all the good, and He is over all things competent]Allah will write for him/her a million good deeds and erase a million bad deeds and raise him a million levels.” [at-Tirmidhi]

3. Up your worship

* To help condition your heart for this blessed month, intensify your worship before Ramadan begins. Just a small, consistent amount is enough. The Prophet SAW told us:

*“The deeds most loved by Allah are those done regularly, even if they are small.”

* For example, if I always pray 2 rakaats of sunnah after isyak, from this day until Ramadan begins- and even through Ramadan, let me make the intention that I will now pray 2 extra rakaats of sunnah after isyak. And every time I pray these extra 2 rakaats, which are more than what I normally pray, let me remember that I am doing these with the intention of asking Allah to help me be prepared to strive and exert my utmost effort during Ramadan.

4. Make a Dua’ list today

* This is THE MONTH to ask for EVERYTHING, both related to this life and the Next. Let us not wait until the last 10 nights to make special duaas, and then once Eid passes realize that we had completely forgotten about fifty other things we needed to make duaa for. Let us start making our lists now, and add to it as more things come our way. InsyaAllah this should help us remember to make constant duaa in this month where duaa is accepted, and help our hearts pour out to the One Who can make those duaas happen, subhanahu wa ta’ala.

5. Write out your objectives for Ramadan

* Praying all of your fardu prayers? Praying all of your sunnahs? Reading the entire Qur’an? Giving $1 charity a day? Making itikaaf in the masjid? Leaving one serious sin that you’ve been trying to get away from for some time now? Sincerely turning completely back to Allah SWT.

* Write out a list, put them somewhere you will see them, and make duaa for your success in fulfilling these objectives.

6. Make a plan!

* Look at your objectives, and try to make a plan on how to actualize those objectives in this month.

* For example, perhaps you are really struggling to pray your sunnah prayers. In this month, realize the enormity of the ajr (bounty) of praying the sunnah prayers… think that perhaps these sunnahs will be the deeds that will be so heavy on your scale of good deeds when you are intense need of them- on yowm al qiyamah (in the hereafter). Therefore, fight to keep doing them all throughout Ramadan. If you can’t pray your 2 rakaats after dhur’ right away, make sure to do them as soon as you get a chance.

* Thus, your plan might look something like this:

* Objective: Pray all of my fardu prayers.

* Method: Envision myself on the day of judgment seeing the insyaAllah weight of praying my sunnah consistently during this month. Make sure to pray sunnah solah immediately after solah. If I cannot, do it as soon as the opportunity arises… don’t let myself put it off!

* Another example is that of finishing the Qur’an:

* Objective: Finishing the entire Qur’an in this month.

* Method: Read 4 pages of the Qur’an after every solah. 5 prayers X 4 pages = 20 pages. 20 pages= about 1 juz. 1 juz X 30= the entire Qur’an. (Allahu Akhbar!)

So many Muslims or our family and freinds have passed away since last month. So many people have not made it to Ramadan this year. Last year was their very last Ramadan. Will you make it to this Ramadan? Will this be your last Ramadan?

Aim to strive in this Ramadan. With a very small amount of effort, such as just making a small intention, or adding a few extra acts of worship, we pray that Allah will help our hearts soften and honor us with making it easy to turn to Him and open up to Him.

May Allah make us of the successful in Ramadan, and make it easy for us to turn to Him completely and perpetually.

Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

For more tips, read it here, insyaAllah,

Susan Boyle: Do not judge the book by it’s cover!

This is simply awesome video on YouTube. You should sit down and watch this video. More than 13 million YouTube views this, Hollywood agents and talk-show bookers are jostling for a few minutes with Susan Boyle, a stocky, beetle-browed woman who would not ordinarily rate a second glance on the street. Read the whole story about how people looking at her on a first glance. Guys, do not ever judge a book by it’s cover!

Before that just enjoy this video. 

This just proves that you don’t have to look like Paris Hilton or Beyonce or Ashlee Simpson to have talent. She has never been kissed, and lives alone with her cat and she has an amazing voice. It proves ANYONE can be the next Susan Boyle. Anyone can have talent no matter what appearance.

During the show the crowd seemed to be expecting another colorful character with no discernible talent, in the style of former “American Idol” contestant William Hung. (hehehe! do you remember him?)

But this is not the case.

A note to Susan; “Absolutely Fabulous!! You prove that you can not judge a book by it’s cover and should be very proud of yourself! You are an inspiration to all of us middle aged women and men who think they are dreaming the impossible and are scared to get out and show the world what we are capable of! Congratulations Susan!! All the best from me in Malaysia!!”

Read her story at Los Angeles Times,,0,2767635.story

Salam AidilFitri 2008

Today is the last day of Ramadan. With sadness we bid farewell to Ramadan and with jubilation we welcomes Syawal 1429H. To all my dear readers and friends, I am wishing you and your family, “Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Maaf Zahir Batin”. I seek for your forgiveness for whatever mistakes that I may have done and for whatever shortcomings this humble blog may have that do not meet your expectations or may have hurt you in whatever reasons.

As muslim we are encourage to go out to look for the new crescent moon. The crescent moon would be visible shortly after sunset, low in the sky, and slightly to the left (south) of where the sun had set. It is a beautiful experience to sight its emergence, and it is a sunnah of our noble Prophet Muhammad, (S.A.W.) that we hope the ummah revives.
Kindly check this website ( for regular updates, moon sighting reports, and additional information on moon sighting. But if we are unable to do so just stay tune to locally TV or Radio to know the exact date of the arrival of Syawal.

Allow me to remind myself and all of you about our parents in this Syawal. We ought to be thankful to them for all reasons we are being born in this beautiful world of Allah. View this great videos . . . .for the remembrance (it is in Bahasa Melayu, which is my mother tongue).

Both videos are from Petronas adverts in the year 2006 and 2007.

Surau & Madrasah Al-Hikmah SS18 Subang Jaya

Dear brothers and sisters, friends and readers of Islam. We will approaching the last week of Ramadan. We must pray harder to find the great day of the month, the Laylatul Qadr. Today I just want to highlight here about my Surau cum Madrasah (is the Arabic word for any type of school, college or university, whether secular or religious (of any religion).

Madrasah Al-Hikmah in Subang Jaya was formed in 1998 by its founder Haji Dr. Abdul Ghaffar. Initially it was a humble beginning with only 3 students and now after 10 years, Madrasah Al-Hikmah have about 33 students from various countries. We are proud to have a Surau cum Madrasah in this busy and cosmopolitan town like Subang Jaya especially in SS18.

The Surau and Madrasah is headed by Maulana Umair bin Abdul Ghaffar who is a Mualim or a scholar from a Madrasah in Cape Town, South Africa. Currently there are 12 teachers in the Madrasah to teach all the 33 students. All the teachers, Mualim and Mualimah are from few Madrasahs in South Africa. (from Zakariyya Park, Cape Town and Azaadville). No doubt Madrasah Al-Hikmah is in Subang Jaya, Malaysia but the syllabus are conducted in Arabic and English. Eventhough majority of the students are from Malaysia, the language in the Madrasah are Arabic, English and of course Bahasa Malaysia. These will give exposure to all students and get them prepared if they need to study abroad later. That is the reason why few overseas students are attracted to study here.

Madrasah Al-Hikmah get its funds solely from Zakat and Lillah from the Jemaah of the Surau, parents of the students and others who are willing to help and at the same time getting rewards from Allah swt.

Surah Al-Baqarah : Verse 103

“Of their goods take alms, that so thou mightest purify and sanctify them; and pray on
their behalf, verify thy prayers are a source of security for them: and Allah is
One who heareth and knoweth.”

So in this month of Ramadan, I would like to highlight here to those of you who want to contribute, you could do it so by bank-in to the Madrasah’s account and Surau Al-Hikmah’s which details are as follows:

A) Name: MAH SJ Resources
Account No: 1206-0002579-71-4
Banker: Bank Muamalat SS15/5A Subang Jaya or any Muamalat branch in Malaysia.

B) Name: Surau Al-Hikmah
Account No: 1206-0001082-71-4
Banker: Bank Muamalat SS15/5A Subang Jaya or any Muamalat branch in Malaysia.

Kindly download the brief report of Madrasah Al-Hikmah for year 2008, below.

Get the latest Madrasah Prospectus for 2011 at

The Prophet said, “The best of alms is that which the right hand gives, and the left hand knows not of.”

The Prophet said, “The most excellent of alms is that of a man of small property, which he has earned by labor, and from which he gives as much as he is able.”

Ramadan the month of Mercy

Last night after isya’ prayer I went straight home and grabbed the Fathilat Amal (Teaching of Islam) and read a beautiful Hadith. I am still thinking of what I have done about a year ago during Ramadan. And this is my last year post regarding Ramadan: “Ramadhan, the month of fasting for Muslims” so today I would like to refresh my memory again and pledge to Allah and may Allah grant me strength and steadfastness to make this year Ramadan a better Ramadan for me and for my family, insyaAllah.

Last night this is the beasutiful Hadith that I read,

Abu Hurairah radi’allah’uanhu relates that Rasulullah s.a.w. said, “My ummah (people) were given five things which were not given to anyone except them. For them, the smell from the mouth of a fasting person is more sweeter in the sight of Allah than the fragrant smell of musk; On their behalf the fish in the sea seek forgiveness until they break their fast; Allah prepares and decorates a special garden in Jannah (heaven) everyday and then says (to it): ‘The time is near when My faithful servants shall cast aside the great trials (of the world) and come to you.’; In this month of Ramadan the evil-minded syaitan (devil) is chained so as not to reach unto those evils to which they normally reach during other months besides Ramadan; On the last night of Ramadan they are forgiven.”

The sahabah thereupon inquired, “O’ Rasulullah (Messenger of Allah) s.a.w., is that last night Laylatul Qadr?” Rasulullah s.a.w. replied, “No, But it is on right that a servant should be given his reward on having completed his service.”

Subhanallah, what a beautiful Hadith.

The Commentary:

Rasulullah s.a.w. mentions in the Hadith five such presents from Allah which were not granted to the fasting people before Islam. If only we can truly appreciate how great this bounty from Allah realy is, and if only we could sincerely try to gain those special favors. Firstly, we are told that the smell from the mouth of the fasting person is more beloved and sweeter in Allah’s sight than the smell of musk.

Fasting is one of the most accepted forms of ibadah (prayers) in Allah’s sight. For this reason the Hadith states that the reward for every deed is brought by the angels but Allah says, “The reward for fasting, I myself will give, because it is for Me alone.”

The second special favor is the fish in the sea make Istighfar (forgiveness) for hin who fasts. The aim here is to explain that many beings including the angels, the animals offer prayer on his behalf who fast. Subhanallah what a great bounty.

The third favor bestowed on the fasting person is that Jannah (heaven) becomes decorated for them. As an example, we know that when a great person is expected to arrive, a great care is taken in the preparations for his coming. It is similar to a person fasting in Ramadan.

The fourth favor is that the rebellious, evil sowing syaitan are chained (detained) as a result of which evil is diminished. So in the month of Ramadan we have a great desire for ibadah, insyaAllah.

The fifth favor is that forgiveness is granted on the final night of Ramadan; because of this great favor the sahabah thought that, it must be Laylatul Qadr, they knew the great blessings of that night and accordingly asked whether that was Laylatul Qadr. The reply was that is was not. This is merely the favor granted for having given Ramadan its due right to the end.

So let us put our mind to it, to the blessed month of Ramadan and may Allah give us strength and good health through out the month of Ramadan so that we could make a lot of Ibadah and get all the rewards from Allah. Amin. Also never forget to know about the 10 great goals to set for this Ramadan.

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