Successful Mindset : Marketing like a Millionaire

Sorry for delay in writing this post. Yesterday I have many things to settle and now is the time to write more about this “Successful Mindset” series.

Do you know that in a business, may it be an online business or it be an offline business, marketing is the lifeblood of your empire. I am not kidding. Because I am in marketing world for more than 16 years now and mostly offline. If you don’t believe me, give it a try. Just let your marketing go dry for one month, then you will feel your world shrivel up around you. If you blog regularly, just stop for one month, see how it effects your traffic and ranking. This is the reality. That is why, advertisement never stops in the TV, media, billboards, etc.

So you must become a master at generating a constant flow of people hearing how you are the one with the answer to their primary question of, “Why does my life s**k and how can I make it better?” Now pay attention, this piece is huge . . . .

If you do not believe in yourself enough to learn specific skills that allow you to market like a millionaire, refer to my previous post, Mindset of a Millionaire (see below).

I know the skills, you can learn the skills. You may be wondering, “How long will it take to learn 16 years of marketing?” If you want to succeed, you must have the desire. That is the motivation for you to learn. Once you have a working knowledge of the concepts, you can outsource anything that is not the best use of your time. Overtime, you can take your knowledge to whatever extent you decide.

People are looking for leaders, so market yourself as a leader. Marketing yourself is not as it sounds. Marketing yourself means that your customers perceive enough value in a potential business relationship with you, that they are irresistibly attracted and compelled to work with you.

Take a moment and think about marketing. Think about businesses that you are familiar with, and what they do for marketing. Then ask this question, “Are they successful?” “What makes their marketing work?” “Why are people attracted to use their services or buy product from them?” “Do they appear to be embracing change in the marketing strategy, or are they holding firm to the old ideas that worked years ago?” If businesses do not embrace change, they will not be around long.

So your home-based business is no different. You must adapt to the appreciation of change and operate on the cutting edge and taking your dream, your future into your hands is a concept whose time has arrived. Embrace it, and know that marketing ans setting ones self apart from the masses is a must. If you don’t know how to do this, Marketing System is a must.

Who will bring you to your success? The answer is in . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Make Money Online At Home

Make Money Online At Home is a thing that many want to do BUT here is the reality to some people who are doing it.

Some people that I met have this answer “Well, so have I, but nothing worked for me”….then….”It was either to difficult to learn or to acquire the skills to work on a computer at home”…..and….Some people are saying “I have tried and I have very little computer knowledge so it is difficult to start and do it”.

So if these are your attitude and thinking and now I have a question for you “Will you get rich?” The answer is probably not, but maybe? lots depends on you marketing and how much you want to work. Here is one thing for sure you have no boss, no drive to work, no 12 hour day your forced to work. You can do this at any age, you can do it any time of day as long as you are over 18 under 120 you can make money. Many folks have made it so why not you? You will never know until you try, come let us make your life better and life is always better with money.

There are a lots of website that will tell you that you can make money online but they are scams only to take you money and leave you high and dry. With these package if you can follow directions on the back of a cereal box your on your way to making money. There is no such thing as a free ride and this it not free but it is the best bargain of your life. Take this knowledge from these packages and make you life worth living. Have time for you family, take time with your children you can be there for your friends. Everyone has 24 hr/day why not use that time when and where you want. Take to step toward freedom, gave your wallet a boost and you never have to go to work again.

You see, I am extremely motivated to help you grow your business because when you make money, I make money. Unlike many other sponsors and uplines who ask you to pay extra to use their systems and marketing tools, I’m offering everything I use to you free of charge for as long as you stay an active member in my team. Join me now if you are the one that I am looking for. For 2008 I just looking for 24 people, who are passionate and motivated to succeed online.

Are you the one that I am looking for ? If you are, click in here and be with my SUCCESS TEAM.


Hi Guys . . . I am going to be brief today.

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This can be an inexpensive form of getting consistent exposure for your opportunity or business. Classified ads generate more prospects per week that just about any other form of advertising today. Next to online promotion, we would highly recommend setting aside a small budget each week to run a small ad in your local newspaper, the cheap “throw-papers”, the free “give-aways” and even the larger national publications when you can afford it.

There are even services that combine many newspapers around the country in package deals that will allow you to get huge amounts of exposure for much cheaper than placing them individually. For a few hundred bucks, you can literally reach millions of people. you can find these services, by going to your favorite search engine and typing in “national classified advertising”.

A bit of advice though, don’t blow all of your money up-front with the mindset of “make it or break it” all at once. You need to work up your momentum. If you have a larger budget, great! But most people are building on a shoestring, and you need to pace yourself. Set a realistic small budget that you can comfortably afford to work with each month and before you know it, your ad dollars will be coming out of our profits instead of your pocket!

But here I would recommend it for FREE!

Work From Home And Get Rich With Your Own Internet Business!

Guys, this is unbelievable. I notice this awesome report last night while checking my email I found this interesting.

As you know that I like to work from home and this is exactly what the website will tell you, that is “Work From Home And Get Rich With Your Own Internet Business!”

This is the ebook cover page.

Warning: This isn’t going to be pretty, I’ll be
dispensing some ‘tough love’ here.

This serves as a WAKE UP call! The report costs less then $10..honestly…there really isn’t ANY reason why you can’t afford to invest it.

Look, if you don’t have $10 to spare…you definitely should NOT be in the internet marketing game at all!

If you can’t drop $9.97, I’ve no reason to think that you’ll be able to take your game to the next level…

Think about it – do you think you’ll ever be a top internet marketer if you don’t have any of the following:

* Domains and websites
* Hosting
* Autoresponders

These are the basic stuff really…and if you can’t bear to part with $9.97…that really says A LOT about your commitment to your online success!

The other reason why I so strongly recommend this product is because the VERY FIRST product I bought online was also
a $9.97 product from him – ‘Secret Affiliate Weapon’ Look at where I am now.

And I can tell you, having read through numerous ebook, this powerful $9.97 report beats most $47 and even $67 stuff out there – hands down, pants down.

It’s NOT Hard To Make Real Money Online And It Doesn’t Have To Take Months To See Your First Consistent Buck – I Guarantee It 100% (But You Must Act Now!)

Build A Successful Online Business

Walla…today is the day that I want to share with you about how to have a successful online business. It is s a business that you could do it from the comfort of your home.

Why I wanna share this? Because for the past few weeks I received a lot of emails asking me what is the best to do online and make money. Well, actually there are many that we could do online, but we need to have passion in it. 3 years ago, I am also blur about making money online or having an online business. But now I could share some ideas with you. The best part is I am gonna share it for free using this personal blog of mine, roslihanip [dot] com. So always comeback here to see the juice that I am putting here in this blog. The other important factor is the learning process. You must take your time to learn and take action when required. 3 years have taught me that online business is just like having a business offline or my term is a conventional business. It has no difference in principal but it does on the medium we do the business. One is online via the internet and the later is offline by having a store or an office.

By doing an online business you get the flexibility you need. The internet is open 24/7 so you can fit your business hours around your family schedule, if you want. You decide the time to do business with your website.

An online business is the perfect way to do something for yourself and get paid! The positive effects will last much longer than a one hour spa treatment.

Choose a theme that speaks to you, that engages your mind and soul. And then build your business around it. You may already know what you want to do or you may need some time to figure it out. Perhaps it’s been so long that you have forgotten what it is that you actually love to do!

Once you have that building block, what else do you need?

  • enthusiasm, motivation and creativity
  • the ability to work hard, learning as you go along
  • patience and forethought.

Just like raising a family, building a successful site takes time. Build it slow and steady.

You also need the right guidance and the right tools, at an affordable price. You don’t have the time or money to waste on gimmicks or false promises. Whatever you spend money on, it must produce results.

Let’s cut short on this and click here to find more juice about having your online business and see why work at home moms love to do it and after that view this video so that you have better idea on how to achieve it as many marketers said “video is the best for online business”. Take the Video Tour!

If you are still not satisfied, why not read the Case Studies Why? Because The biggest mistake people make in life is not making a living at doing what they most enjoy. – Malcolm S. Forbes (1919-1990)

So What’s The Problem?

Affiliates fail due to one or more of the following four problems. All four are avoidable/beatable, with the appropriate strategies and tools. Let’s review…

Problem #1 — Failure to Prepare
By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

Most people fail at anything because most people would rather go FIRE-READY-AIM. They jump the gun and FIRE, rather than invest some time to get READY and to AIM.Yes, it feels “unproductive” to prepare and set up a system… But it’s how the successful succeed.

The solution? Read the other problems here…Let this opportunity turn you into a high-earning affiliate champion.

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