“Your SuccessLine Knows No Bounds!”

I got this same email with the same headline, “Your SuccessLine Knows No Bounds!” every day!

Then the body says . . .

“Hi Rosli Mohamed Hanip!

We’ve got news that should excite you!  The following
5 people have joined your SuccessLine . . . . .  . . . ”

Todate I have 41 people under me in only 7 awesome days!!

This what excites me to read my emails everyday. How this happens? Okay let me tell you here and read it carefully.

As you know, the home business world can be a daunting one, as well as a very costly one.You need traffic to your sites, you need more leads, and you need more qualified prospects signing up as distributors to grow your business.But how do you do it?

So many people in this industry are always looking for ways they can build their business without breaking the bank.

Too many people don’t have the funds to compete with the top dogs who seem to have an endless budget to work with for advertising.

Those who start a home business generally find themselves asking questions like…

– “What type of advertising should I spend my budget on?”

– “Should I buy another set of leads?”


– “What is the latest marketing technique that will get me loads of traffic?”

If you find yourself asking these questions and you are trying to build your business on a budget, then I may have something that might be of interest to you.

You see my friend Mike Dillard just released a new product titled “Building On A Budget.” It a no cost training program for you! Yes, I repeat…it is free!

Inside this 60 plus page book (that will be delivered to your door) Mike reveals, in step by step fashion, how you can get tons of traffic and generate endless leads for your business without spending a lot of money to do it.

Buying a SoHo property?

This is the trend in Malaysia. Now that Internet connectivity is improving and petrol prices are on the way up and up, many Malaysians are thinking about working from home. So the question is, should they invest in a dedicated SoHo property?

Globalisation and technology advancement have blurred borders between countries. But that is not all in Malaysia, where about 47.8% of the population of 28 million is virtually connected, a new trend has evolved, one that merges personal and work spaces. And property developers in Malaysia have responded by launching home concepts that carry the live/work theme in form of SoHo (small office home office) apartments and office suites.

But is this SoHo riding on a trend that will last or is this merely a branding gimmick? You, me and all Malaysians have the answer for this.

For sure blending work and personal life is not entirely a new concept in Malaysia. For decades, shopkeepers and businessmen have been using their shop fronts for business while living upstairs and/or in back. But nowadays, SoHo is just a new marketing term or trend that has been popular because it tackles a lot of modern issues and meets the need for a small work space. A lot of people work from home and they need a small office space. Technology has advanced so much, it removes a lot of space requirement for storage and support staff.

Like in Subang Jaya where I reside, The Small office Home office (SoHo) concept has hit in a big way with the upcoming launch of Titijaya Group’s RM90 million Subang SoHo development in May.

As for me, I do not need to buy this SoHo property to do work from home. When I am working from home and I could do it from anywhere, whether it is from a condo, a double storey unit, a bangalow or even on the street, as long as I have my notebook and my broadband modem with me! Am I right?

But it is your choice actually. So guys if you need some ideas about buying a SoHo property explore here:


Read this newspaper article about SoHo Property in Malaysia

Click to enlarge…

Successful Mission: eBay is a goldmine

Who said one could not make a living online? Today on NST Tech & U it is a proven Successful Mission to all Malaysian with the headline “Mine The Online Goldmine” with eBay.

From antiques and art, to books and consumer electronics, and everything in between, there are plenty to sell on eBay. With over 82 million users worldwide and a global presence in close to 40 markets, the online marketplace is a goldmine for those with an entrepreneurial spirit.

According to Carol Fung, a four-figure income monthly with her business on eBay, says, “Make eBay your business ally”.

The administrative assistant by day and eBay PowerSeller by night started her love affair with the online marketplace three years ago in the United Kingdom when she was on the hunt for sewing and handicraft supplies on the Internet. After some research, she realised that there was an acute shortage of such suppliers online, despite the growing demand.

That’s when she started selling small quantities of handicraft supplies such as ribbons, laces and threads on eBay. These items were sourced locally and then sold on the online marketplace. “Selling on eBay is easy and extremely rewarding. It only takes a laptop, an Internet connection and some photo-taking skills to run my business. After I made a decision to sell handicraft and sewing supplies, it took me only six months to become a Bronze PowerSeller, making more than US$1,000 (RM3,300) per month,” she says.

PowerSeller benchmark
PowerSellers are exemplary members who are held to the highest standards of professionalism, according to eBay.

When buyers see the PowerSeller icon next to a seller’s user ID, they know that they are working with an experienced, well-liked eBay seller.

To qualify as a PowerSeller, you must . . . .

  • Uphold the eBay community values, including honesty, timeliness and mutual respect;
  • Achieve a minimum average of US$1,000 (RM3,300) in sales per month for three consecutive months;
  • Achieve an overall feedback rating of 100, of which 98 per cent or more is positive (from July 2008, members also need to achieve a score of 4.5 or more across all detailed seller ratings);
  • Have been an active member for 90 days;
  • Have an account in good financial standing;
  • Not violate any severe policies in a 60-day period;
  • Not violate three or more of any eBay policies in a 60-day period; and
  • Maintain a minimum of four average monthly listings for the past three months.

Yazmin Aliasak is living every working mother’s dream with eBay and she says that it is a striking work and family balance.

The 26-year-old works from home and spends a good dose of quality time with her kids, all made possible by becoming a full-time eBay entrepreneur.

“It all started some two years ago when I had a conversation with a friend. She was telling me how she was making money on eBay by selling prepaid mobile phone credit. I thought to myself, if one can sell that, then anything is possible,” she recalls.

So, Yazmin started her eBay endeavour by selling her husband’s unwanted clothing. Encouraged by the positive results, she left her corporate job as corporate affairs executive with Telekom Malaysia, a telecommunication company, and focused on using eBay as her primary source of income. She discovered that the online marketplace was a good platform for selling to a large international customer base. Apart from better profit margins, she realised that the bigger market was more receptive towards the wares she peddled.

“I ventured into books, but I found the margins to be pretty low. I have since added collectibles to my listings and these have proven to be popular, especially with international buyers,” she says.

Yazmin spends an average of one to two hours a day on eBay when her kids are asleep, and three days per week to respond to customers’ queries and pack her products for shipment.

“I am putting 100 per cent of my efforts into my eBay business as it gives me flexibility in work hours and a sizeable income. I urge all women to give eBay a try and see for themselves how eBay can make a difference in their lives,” she suggests.

Note: Read about Yazmin in Malay language with this title head, “Tauke buku terpakai” and she has become eBay Power Sellers.

Successful Mission: What is a mission and how do you define your mission?

Okay guys, here is my first question.

“What is a mission and how do you define your mission? What does this mean for you as marketer?”

As an example, a corporation or a company has a mission statement and a company mission. If for example, BMW’s was to make as much money as possible for its share holders instead of creating the ultimate driving machine, how many cars do you think they would sell?

BMW’s mission is to build a product that is superior in every way. Safety, convenience, technology, comfort touch feel, experience, the package wrapped up in an incredible buyer’s experience.

So this make people who are obsessed with BMW, are their customers for life. Regardless where he or she lives, they will always buy BMWs from the same people at the same dealership.

Here are some of the mission statements that I gathered online.

BMW Group’s worldwide: “To be the most successful premium manufacturer in the industry.”

Wal-Mart: “To give ordinary folk the chance to buy the same thing as rich people.”

Mary Kay Cosmetics: “To give unlimited opportunity to women.”

3M: “To solve unsolved problems innovatively”

Merck: “To preserve and improve human life.”

Walt Disney: “To make people happy.”

Petronas: “Our objective is to contribute to the well-being of the people and the nation”

Notice how these one-line samples are supported by value wordings that show how the mission will be accomplished and measured.

So in our case, may it be our small conventional business or it may be our online business or a home business, we need to have a mission statement as well. This is to motivate us along the way and also remind us of what is our purpose in having those businesses. This will make us stay focus like those corporations above 🙂

I guess you already know what my next question is. This is my next question, “What is your mission statement? What is your “purpose”? I will tell you this in my next post. Stay tune.

Note: If you need some ideas on how to write your mission statement. Read it here, “How to write a Mission Statement” by Janel M. Radtke, or visit the site at http://www.tgci.com/

Successful Mission

Guys, about a week ago I did post a series of sharing about Successful Mindset and today I am beginning with a new sets called Successful Mission. After setting up your mind toward success now is the time for you to think about your mission.

Before that let me enlighten you with the Successful Mindset series: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (click each of the number).

So let us begins. Here it goes.

Becoming a wealthy and successful does not simply “happen”. It does not come overnight while you are sleeping. Here is a secret that people often times overlook. Success and wealth creation are a continual process of choices that have been made in a strategic fashion. One after another, these choices move you in the direction of your goals.

Simply making a string of strategic decisions will not guarantee massive wealth in and of itself. It is a great start, but there must be something greater than yourself that you are motivated to create.

I have few questions that you could ask yourself. You may not have all the answers immediately, but you deserve to be developing the answers that will move you in the direction of your goals.

What is your mission?

My mission is to developing 24 serious, passionate people to mentor in 2008.

Take me as an example, when I first know about this business, I know that my goal is even bigger than myself and I recognize that I could not make it happen alone. I repeat, I could not make it happen alone. I have to think outside the box and allow others to shine in areas in which they excel.

Are you willing to capitalize on the talents of others to reach your goals?

Do you want to join me and my team on this mission? This is one solution for you, or you can go out there and create your own system with your own mission as well . . . . . .

Get involved with this group of like-minded entrepreneurs that are creating something unique and larger than them. This exactly what I am going to share with you in this one week, if you are passionate enough.

See you in my next post, which I my ask you the first question.

“What is a mission and how do you define your mission? What does . . . . . . . . .( see ya later to finish my question and also the answer 🙂 )

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