What is Dropshipping business? The Easiest Way to Sell Online

Drop Shipping: The Easiest Way to Sell Online

Dropshipping is an exciting business model, with very few startup costs.

Drop shipping is a retail method in which you don’t keep products in stock. Instead, you partner with a wholesale supplier that stocks its own inventory – you transfer customer orders and shipment details to them, and they ship the goods directly to the customer. The biggest benefit of drop shipping is you don’t have to worry about fulfillment or inventory issues.

Also, most customers don’t know you’re drop shipping, since “private label shipping” lets you ship from the wholesaler with a return address and invoice customized to your ecommerce store.

At its most basic, every time someone buys a product, the wholesaler — who typically manufactures the product — ships that product, and you get a portion of that sale for marketing the product. Interesting, right?

Many people shy away from starting an online store because of the startup costs and fulfillment hassles. But imagine if someone offered to pay your up-front inventory costs on thousands of items and manage your fulfillment operations. It’d be much easier to get started, and you could run your business from anywhere in the world. Sound too good to be true? It’s not, if you know about drop shipping.

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Your destiny for better health

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WebProsperity – Right people at the right time, at the right place!

 Walla! I am sure you have read or hear the above statement. Today is the time that I want to tell you that this is the moment.

Guys for your information, I am a Business Owner, a Company Director, for a high-tech power supply company and a part-time home business owner.

Once in a while, some great opportunity will come by and if you do not seize it, you may regret for the rest of your life. So, please pay attention for the next 15mins and consider the following text carefully.

On 28th Dec last year, a few internet gurus I subscribe to, sent me urgent messages asking me to take actions. I click the links and here’s my review …

This Web Prosperity business opportunity is going to launch on 13th January, 2009 (which is yesterday). First impressions have got me excited though I have been reviewing opportunities carefully lately and dump most of them. But this one is different and worth considering.

Here’s what got me excited about Web Prosperity: ..

1. Brainchild of David D’Arcangelo, an associate of Anthony Robbins
2. Solid Technology Platform built by Implix.com of Europe
3. Earn immediate cash plus residual income long term
4. Use state-of-the-art Video Conferencing, audio/video, new contact systems
5. Unparalleled Internet Success System with all tools supplied
6. Make more cash from commissions and bonuses!
7. Grow your business faster than you ever thought possible!

WebProsperity offers an all-in one suite of 6 proven Internet Marketing tools that will help you build your business or network, communicate more effectively, and stay organized on the go. Let’s face it ? in this economy, we all need super-charged marketing tools!

But it’s not for geeks or marketing gurus – anyone can use these tools to hold phone/web conferences, send e-bulletins and autoresponders, and create online ads, and banners using professional-looking templates. You can even add audio/video (your own “custom youtube”), slide shows, and more to your personal WebProsperity site!
Did I mention WebProsperity Calendar, Address Book and…argghhh manay more. Well, you get the idea.

Of course, I saved the best for last.  This program is not just about amazing products that people need NOW – WebProsperity offers a 3-pillar compensation plan that puts you on track to earn payouts of up to 67%!  And a support system (with David D’Arcangelo as your Team Leader) that lets you take full control of your financial freedom.

I am not exaggerating when I say that WebProsperity is easily the largest Internet Marketing Launch of 2009 – probably in the history of the industry! But don’t take my word for it, even though 100,000 people have already signed up…

Visit the site, listen to David’s presentations and make up your own mind:


If you decide to sign up, and I hope you do, please go through my WebProsperity Personal Site and click on “Join Now!”

As a friend, I would hate for you to lose out on this!

Rosli Mohamed Hanip
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Guys..this is latest news about WebProsperity before it is launched officially yesterday . . .

100,000 Pre-launch signups In 20 Days?

Wave 3 is happening as we speak…The WebProsperity launch is 24 hours away. Go all out for 24 hours as there will be NO MORE NEW FREE  pre-launch positions after Tuesdays launch!!! They can hold them till the  Jan 30th deadline.

As of this minute, 86,509 team members have joined because of one of the greatest team efforts in online history. The goal is 100,000 by the launch date in 24 hours. That’s a total of 20 days since the December 25th pre-launch to the January 13th Founders Founders date.

Remember, this is just the beginning. We have not even scratched the surface. There are over 73 million people on the net in North America and hundreds of millions around the world.

Your Ultimate Success

Do you know that the elements of ultimate success in Network Marketing are as follows:

  • You must become a leader
  • You must love your business
  • You must attend training (online or offline)
  • You must develop leaders

Guys I could not guarantee your successor failure in your business. No one could. But remember ultimately your failure occurs when and only when you give up.

Then today one of my downline from Indonesia asked me this question: “How to be successful with Internet network marketing?” Wow! What a great question. Right on the bull’s eye 🙂

So I shall elaborate based on what I learn from others too. That is the beauty when you are building your business online.

My answer is simple You will not succeed with your business online unless your downline is able to duplicate your results. But let’s be realistic and address the issue of duplication online by discussing the number one objection that people have to Internet network marketing.

Generally people are saying, “You could not use the Internet to grow your network marketing business without picking up the phone.” That’s 100% wrong. Yes you could! I have done it! and done it with style 🙂

Even my team are doing it right now. I met online many others that are doing it. Now it is true that you could not build a large organizations via network marketing without personal interaction.

I just choose, with my form of network marketing, not to personally interact with my prospects until they sign up and that works for me.

The solution is “You have to have more and more people coming into your system or landing page than offline methods and just train the ones that appear to be serious. Then repeat.

One last tip for today: “Reject rejections, not objections.” You will get objections and that’s good. It just means that your prospects are taking a good look at what you have to offer. Answer objections honestly and let the cards fall where they may. You will be less stressful to build your Internet Network marketing this way.

A breakthrough even you are new!

Only 2 weeks ago I am on a new project and the result is definitely satisfying. I am no guru here but I am willing to share my experience based on what I could achieve online. I am just an ordinary old guy online! But the attitude that you must have are willing to learn, willing to take action and willing to teach others. In short you must have L.A.T in you – Learn, Action and Teach 🙂

Guys..some people are successful but they do not want to depart their knowledge. To me the knowledge is not mine so let’s share it all over the globe. Will you? If you want to be successful just stick with me here . . . .

“What is the “entrepreneur’s mindset” and how important is it in building a business?”

I think your mindset IS your business. It denotes where you will go and how quickly you will get there.

So here is how I answered that question.

The entrepreneur’s mindset begins with their excitement about the success to come.

The entrepreneur sees the opportunity put before them and he spends countless hours daydreaming thinking about the success and how it will FEEL when it comes to him. It fuels the fire. Without this the gas in the tank of any entrepreneurial effort quickly empties.

They don’t think about failure.

You see an entrepreneur by definition is a person who offers a solution to a problem at a cost.

At first, the problem that an entrepreneur faces in network marketing is how to solve their own immediate problems. How get a lead? How to get a new team member? How to help that new team member duplicate their success quicker than he or she did it?

When they get these issues solved he benefits monetarily for the growth in his team, but metaphysically he profits for knowing he has added overall value to the task and process at hand for many many to follow.

The entrepreneur is not done at this point.

There’s more to be done. The entrepreneur sees the opportunity before him and sees that there is more value to be added. The people directly associated with him aren’t the only people to have the problems they began with so he devices a way to help more than his immediate circle.

The entrepreneur sees no failure. The entrepreneur detaches his emotions from all outcomes be they positive or negative. He sees the results of his actions as merely observable data to improve upon.

The entrepreneur always asks himself “How can I do better next time?” And then sets out to improve upon their most immediate results for their personal growth and the benefit of all those associated with him.

The entrepreneur realizes that there is no such thing as “enough” he knows that just like an apple tree grows as large as it possibly can and then bares seeds that he to must ALWAYS grow.

If there is any one quality that the entrepreneur has that sets him apart from the average person is their confidence exceeds their competency. The entrepreneur sees the opportunity before him and he know he most grow into it regardless of whether or not he knows HOW to do it.

He just has confidence that he will.

The entrepreneur asks everyday what it is that he wants and then sets out to get it with excitement.

Step into this mindset and step into success.

So if you are interested to know more, I would invite you to have a free tour with me here. It is a breakthrough in network marketing in this 21st Century. Success is within reach even you are new and be the expert in no time.

Dream of receiving a check like above…a whoopping RM231,000 !

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