In today’s market, Price vs Quality, which is more important ?

An interesting topic to discuss, Price vs Quality, or Quality vs Price.

One of the interesting things about the market today is that despite relatively high valuations across asset classes globally, within the World market or the US market many of the biggest and the best companies are just not expensive relative to the rest of the market and relative to their own historical valuations.

Being an engineer by qualification myself I have a dilemma. I think many engineers also have the same dilemma. We, Engineers are constantly being asked to achieve two seemingly conflicting goals: assure the high quality of products while keeping costs low. While it may seem futile to try to resolve these two conflicting issues, a structured approach towards cost and quality can help, especially when it comes to passives, electromechanical devices, interconnects and connectors, many of which are commodity products.

According to a survey done in Germany, it says, Price is more important than quality for the majority of Europeans when it comes to grocery shopping. Germany, France and Poland are the most price conscious nations in Europe, while the Italians clearly place a higher value on quality. There are equally as many differences between Europeans when it comes to eating out as opposed to preparing a meal at home. These are some of the findings of GfK’s European Consumer Survey 2004. No doubt that this survey is for food products but the issue is the same which is Price vs Quality.

But as a human being, we certainly believe in this statement, “Is price important, yes it is…but no price is a good price if you don’t like the quality!

Overall it is all depends on what are you purchase. Some products we need really good quality and in some products price is more critical. But if price is chosen, you should never forgo quality completely. Again as I said earlier, it is all depends on the products that you need to buy.

Looking at today’s world market, price is most important. People are buying things based on price. People need to save money in this hard time. First and foremost is the question of price and consumer loyalty. The impression given by such a headline is not that most people are price sensitive (we don’t need research to tell us this), but that price is the MOST IMPORTANT factor when deciding which online store to buy from.

Personally, I find this nonsense. It is true that for some people price is the most important factor, but not ALL people. This is simply a matter of segmentation.

What do you think about this? Guys, need some feedback from you on this topic.

Economy downturn and the worst is yet to come

The US slowdown is even bigger than predicted by analysts. And it reinforces the view, recently put forward by the IMF, that the US economic slowdown will be longer and deeper than previously thought – and have a greater impact on the world economy. The IMF report suggested that even by the end of 2008, the US economy would still only be growing at a year-on-year rate of 0.8%.

This news I got from

Certainly it is an alarming news. Are we prepared? Are we ready? Today I read in the local newspaper, they are saying “Most key regional markets failed to sustain momentum earlier in the day to end the morning trade in negative territory amid persisting fears of a recession in the US.”

There are reports that many Americans found out that their currency was not as valuable as they once thought. Those on holiday in Europe would have found their trip expensive. Despite regaining some ground in December 2007, the dollar still fell 8% against the euro for the year, leaving many wondering whether the greenback could maintain its position as the world’s most important currency.

Locally, The KL Composite Index had closed lower for the past two trading days. It opened sharply lower yesterday (March 3, 2008) and stayed in negative territory throughout and same goes today where they extended their losses for the second day this week, as investors continued to stay on the sidelines on nagging concerns about a weakening US economy and surging oil prices. See my earlier post this month, Oil Prices make history again.

So guys, friends, readers, let us share ideas here on how we as a layman could overcome this situation and keep surviving in this world. What we have to do to save our monies and also our family? We may be apart but this is a Global problem….it is a world economy downturn or a world recession.

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How to Rise in a Sinking Economy

Guys today I received an email from IMC Insider and they talked about The 5 Ways To Accelerate Your Earnings During An Economic Slowdown. Interesting right!

Let me ask you one question: Are you being effected by the economic slowdown? Here in Malaysia, the situation still manageable but the side effects already starting to surface like the rising of goods, cost of living getting higher, etc.

These days, the TV news shows are full of them….. “Doom and gloom” stories about the current economic slowdown, sparked by the mortgage mess in the U.S.

Now, I don’t mean to make light of a serious situation. I know that a lot of very big companies have been caught with their pants down, so to speak.

And I know that many good, honest folk have lost a lot of money — or even their jobs — as a result of the current crisis, through absolutely no fault of their own.

But that DOESN’T mean you should hide your head in the sand and wait for “the good times to roll” again before you embark on a new business venture!

The truth is, NOW is the best time to grow your business! by learning the business from Internet Millionaires Mastermind (if you are Malaysian) but if you are from the US get your learning process here.

Businesses that are launched in hard times are better equipped to survive than the ones that grow bloated and fat during times of surplus spending.

But in order to thrive during an economic slowdown, you need to know how to do things the smart way, and not waste money you don’t have on strategies that won’t work.

Today I’d like to share with you 5 cheap and easy ways to grow your business.

By implementing these strategies, you’ll be able to acquire new leads, strengthen your relationship with existing customers, AND add new streams of income to your business.

… And all that mean MORE money in your bank account!

Without further ado, here they are:

Business Turbo-charger #1:
Generate passive income with a niche site

If you’re looking for an extra source of income, this one’s for you!

A niche-centered Internet business is the best way to profit from a downturn… Because the cost of entry is lower than any other business and the upside is enormous.

On top of that, an Internet business is very forgiving. You never have to “bet the farm” on an Internet idea. If something isn’t working, you’ll find out right away and you can either fix it or move on to something better.

(Just be sure to take the time and do the necessary research to prove the niche is actually a profitable one!)

Business Turbo-charger #2:
Join affiliate programs that align with your current business model

This is the fastest and easiest way to add a new stream of income to your business, guaranteed.

Your existing customers are three times as likely to buy something from you as a stranger who has no experience with your products. So how do you get these people to buy from you again if you only have one product?

Simple — you offer them an affiliate product!

Next you need to find an affiliate program that offers such products, and add them to the “back end” of your site.

… Then simply email your list special offers for these products — and mention them on your site, in your newsletter, and your blog… and watch the extra orders come rushing in!

Business Turbo-charger #3:
Start a blog to strengthen your relationship with your customers

In turbulent times, the cream rises to the top.

… In other words, the ones who are truly successful will go the extra mile to build a strong relationship with their customers and prove that they’re a rock-solid business that always has their customers’ best interests in mind.

And starting a blog is a GREAT way to do this!

A blog helps you personalize your business, and allows your customers to get a glimpse of the people behind the website. This goes a LONG way to reassuring wary online shoppers that you’re someone they want to do business with!

Not only that… search engines absolutely LOVE the fresh and frequently updated content of a blog — which means you’ll get a great boost in the search engine rankings and drive more qualified visitors to your site!

Business Turbo-charger #4:
Widen your circle of potential partners by joining a social business network

If you’re searching for new income opportunities, a great place to look is a popular social business networking site, such as LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has more than 19 million registered members — all of whom are professional business people who are interested in meeting other people whose business interests are similar to their own.

… When it comes to looking for joint venture opportunities, new business partners, or people who are looking to buy your product or hire your services, LinkedIn is a virtual gold mine!

(Plus, it’s a great place to get professional feedback and free business advice!)

Business Turbo-charger #5:
Write helpful articles to boost your reputation and credibility

A great way to spread word about your business and boost your reputation as an “industry expert is to write free articles on topics related to your industry and then submit them to the ‘Net’s top article directories.

The benefits of doing this are twofold…

1) Your audience will become more familiar with your name, and will be far more likely to buy your products

2) The links you’ll get from the article directories pointing back to your site will give you a nice boost in your search engine rankings.

… The bottom line is, every little thing counts. In times like this, you have to do what you can to separate yourself from the pack and make yourself stand out from your competitors.

And you have to keep your eyes open for every opportunity to add a new stream of income to your business.

That’s ESPECIALLY important during an economic slowdown — because even if one of your income streams dries up, your business will continue to thrive.

With an Internet business, you never have to get locked into a losing proposition.

As long as you build your business on a solid niche, and are always looking for ways to diversify your income streams, you’ll always be able to keep your head afloat… even when others around you are drowning.

So keep your chin up — and don’t give up on your dreams!

Remember, optimism is the best antidote to any downturn.

The Internet Millionaires Club

Guys, today is the special event for IMC a.k.a Internet Millionaires Club. It is the first Malaysian Internet Millionaires Club. Unfortunately I could not attend the event, even though I am the IMC Silver member. This is simply due to a family gathering. Well, I have a working etiquette, which during the weekend is a family affairs (since I quite tight up during the weekdays).

What is IMC? It is a group of people who have been doing online businesses for few years, are sharing their experiences so that we will not fall to the traps that they have been before.

Join The Internet Millionaires Club For FREE Now And Start Making Money Online The Right Way…

Interesting right? Hold a second !. . . . (I am drinking my coffee). Let’s resume.

There a lot of people in Malaysia who claim to be Internet gurus. They claim they know how to make a lot of money on the Internet, in a very short time. They claim they have a few million subscribers and they do no work at all yet earn thousands. They promise you the moon and the stars…

But friend…are they for real? are they telling the truth? are they genuine? Who are they? Do you really need to trust them and lose all your hard-earned money?

IMC will tell you all about them. One of the best ways to grow your Internet business fast is to meet and learn from other successful business owners. Here’s the only problem: How do you get them all in one place?

Here is how? Join The Internet Millionaires Club (Free) or Join The Internet Millionaires Club (Silver) to become an Internet Millionaires Mastermind.

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Internet Millionaires Club

Of course we are doing to our Malaysian way, “Malaysia Boleh”



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