US is no. 2 and China is no. 1

Hey! this is not about the current Olympic Medal Tally, but it is about Internet Users. I read it today at

 The Title catches my eyes instantly, China surpasses US in internet use. This is an except from the website,

“Overtaking the US, Chinas internet-users population has reached 253 million by the end of June, reflecting the explosive growth in the web-user market in the country, data showed. Latest government figures also showed that China also had the largest number of broadband subscribers at 214 million, more than 80 per cent of the total domestic internet population. The number of Internet users at 253 million marked a 56.2 per cent rise from 162 million reported in 2007, the China Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC), a semi-official organisation, said in a report.”

Read the full news here, and for business owners this certainly a good and promising news to expand your online business. Opps! My question is does this is a good news or a bad news? Let us share some thoughts here.

Successful Mindset : Ebay Declares War On Internet Marketers – How You Can Profit From This Move

Guys you know what?

Ebay shocked the internet marketing world when it recently announced that it will no longer allow the sale of digital download products. This move effectively shuts down an income stream for many sellers of eBooks, software, and digital video that relied on the instant download support provided by Ebay.

Many sellers of information products see this as a blessing in disguise as they turn to companies like ClickBank which can also provide a huge stream of cash-in-hand buyers along with the ability to provide instant downloads to their customers.

By the way, read the latest news regarding Clickbank: Malaysians Can Now Signup With Clickbank!
Sellers on ClickBank have known for years that their products on ClickBank sell for more, and their customers are more loyal than Ebay customers. This is because customers from Ebay are bargain shoppers and like to buy for pennies on the dollar and will rarely pay fair market value, especially for information products.

By using ClickBank’s massive base of built in affiliates, the top sellers on ClickBank make over a million dollars per year just in ClickBank sales. This far exceeds what anyone on Ebay was earning from their digital download auctions.

However, ClickBank does not give us easy access to its 100,000 active affiliates. But there are some quick and easy ways to tap into this sales army with the system used in Scott Stamper’s ClickBank Stampede. He is a great friend with a great idea for you to tap. As I said we must be adventurous in order to have a Successful Mindset.

Okay, let’s proceed further.

ClickBank Stampede reveals backdoors and loopholes used by top ClickBank sellers. It’s the fastest, easiest and most efficient method of making money with ClickBank.

To learn more visit ClickBank Stampede at:

So if you were a former information product seller on Ebay, don’t agonize. Instead use it as motivation to change your business plan to make even higher profits.

Spencer Johnson sums it up best in his best selling book “Who Moved My Cheese?” – “That’s life! Life moves on. And so should we”.

Some juice of this ClickBank Stampede is here . . .

With over 100,000 ACTIVE affiliates, you can have more salespeople working for you, selling your products, than most Fortune 500 Companies. ClickBank has turned average people into millionaires almost overnight.

Think It’s a Myth? Read This: ClickBank was created to help the little guy sell their products on-line. Today they pay-out almost $200 million dollars per year to average people. Many of the top sellers get over a million dollars per year… and I’m about to reveal their secrets to you!

Psst! Tomorrow is a weekend. I have more time to write about The interview of David Letterman (Late Night legend) with the billionaire Donald Trump not long ago (June 2006) on his show. I got it on CD but I will write a summary about it here. Stay tune in this Successful Mindset series.

Successful Mindset : WordPress or Blogger

This is what we called Blogging Wars – Between WordPress Vs Blogger.

There’s a war going on in the blogosphere, and it has nothing to do with bloggers dissing each other on their respective websites. The war is about control of the blogosphere by several great, many good, and tons of terrible blogging platforms. The average newbie now has “too many” options to choose from, and the battle for blogging supremacy is hotter than ever.

At my website and blogs, I’m always asked the question “Is WordPress better than Blogger?”. The answer, of course, is “Yes”. But to really understand why, it’s important to look at both blogging platforms side-by-side and see which one you really need.

Here’s the comparison scale:

1) Ease of Set-up And Use

Yes, it’s much easier to set-up a blog with and get your own Bloggger account. You can be done in 10 minutes flat. Once you’re set-up you can start posting immediately. If you want to add a designer’s touch to your blog, there are also tons of blogger templates available for free.

Installing WordPress however can be a major headache if you don’t know what you’re doing. Since you’re going to host it on your own account, you’ll need to download the installation files, upload them to your server, set-up a database, and run the configuration script.

However, if you know which hosting account to get, you can choose one with Cpanel included. With Cpanel, you can do a one-click installation, upgrade and removal of your WordPress platform.

2) Customization & Advanced Use

Blogger doesn’t allow categories. You can’t sort your articles into different focuses, unless you know how to hack the platform. With WordPress, not only can you add categories, you can also display each category differently on your main page. In fact with the correct plugins you can even turn your WordPress into a magazine-like portal.

Publishing with Blogger can be a pain in the ass. It can take forever to post articles, especially if you’re making changes to the entire website. With WordPress, publishing is much faster, although if you load your system with all kinds of bells and whistles it can be just as frustrating. With a Blogger account, you can get additional features like “Shout Boxes” that improve interaction on your site. You can also get pretty themes and nifty little tools that you can add to the core template files. However, that’s as far as you can go with Blogger.

With WordPress however, the sky is the limit. As cliche as that may sound, not only can you get themes, additional “plugins” and advanced tools, you can also extend WordPress to far beyond just a blogging platform.

The talk today is about using WordPress as a complete, user-friendly Content Management System or CMS.

3) Copyrights and Ownership of Content

I started with Blogger and I won’t say that it’s bad. But after a while I started to get frustrated with Blogger, and here’s why: Google Owns Your Content

Google has the authority to shut down your account without warning if they don’t like what you’re blogging about. You don’t have absolute control over your own blog. With WordPress, you own the domain name and the blog is hosted on your own account. You have full control over your content.

With the self-hosted version of WordPress (not, you’re free to write about anything you want, and use the software in any way you want. Yes, Blogger allows you to publish to your own domain, but they still own the database that holds your content! Don’t forget that!

4) Search Engine Optimization and Traffic

There’s this propaganda that since Google owns Blogger, they tend to favor Blogger accounts. I won’t say that this is illogical, but from my experience, there’s no such favoritism.

I’ve heard as many stories of getting indexed fast and ranking high in search engines from both WordPress and Blogger users. As long as the content is good, the spiders will come.

When you post in Blogger, you can only “ping” a limited amount of sites, whereas with WordPress on your own domain you can ping as many blog directories as you want, and start getting more traffic.

As a conclusion, I would say that WordPress is only slightly ahead in terms of optimization for search engines, and building large amounts of traffic.

5) Money-Making Potential

There’s no doubt that it’s easier to get started with Google Adsense if you have a Blogger account. In fact you can now apply for Adsense from within a Blogger account. Not entirely surprising considering the fact that both are owned by the same company.

With WordPress, it can get tricky. The default installation is not enough. You’ll need a couple of plugins and even a better theme to really maximize the Adsense potential. However, this seems to be getting easier and there’s even “Adsense revenue sharing” plugins around that allow you to share ad revenue with other contributors and writers for your blog.

When you start using WordPress to build your Adsense websites, you’ll soon discover what I mean. It’s something you need to experience for yourself. I can tell you one thing though – when you go WordPress, you don’t go back.

This article is contributed by,
Gobala Krishnan is the author of WordPress Adsense System, the unique beginner’s guide to building content-rich Adsense websites with WordPress. You can download two free chapters of his book at

Read also the other great product, “Super Affiliate Blogger”, from Gobala which is just launched yesterday, read my previous post below.

P.S> Come back for more great article tomorrow in this “Successful Mindset” series. Now I am generating some ideas 🙂 See ya!

Successful Mindset : Be A Super Affiliate Blogger

Hi friends.

I’ve been talking about this all week, and it’s finally live!

Launch Date: 22 May, 2008 at 9.00am EST

Gobala Krishnan’s “Super Affiliate Blogger” is creating a wave of excitement on the Internet as you’re reading this, so stop everything you’re doing right now and go to this page:

I can honestly say that I’ve never been this excited over a product launch in a long time!

It’s simple to understand why:

– It’s a completely original product
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P.S. Tomorrow with be another article on Successful Mindset.

super affiliate blogger

Selling offline products online is progressing steadily

Guys, I will be short today because my daughter is not feeling well today and skipped school this morning. Despite of that this morning I was triggered by an email from my mailbox saying that a cheque has arrived. So I go and collect it and here is me with the cheque . . . . . 🙂 Certain infos need to blank-out due to confidentiality.

As I said before nothing is impossible in business if we are willing to learn and take action. I may be an old guy and am willing to learn from anybody who is willing to depart his knowledge especially doing things right online. Now my offline products are showing steady result online.

My friends are always asking “So Why I decide to market my products online?”

When the internet became a very viable place to build and transact a business, millions became marketing entrepreneurs, taking advantage of the tools that were only available for use online. However, as most of these people reached a level of success in internet marketing, millions more followed suit. The result? A nearly-saturated market where goods and services competed tightly for a consumer base whose needs slowly became ignored. This is a threat not only to consumers, but to internet marketers as well. The solution? Niche marketing. It is a tried and tested method to veer away from the crowd and meet the unique needs of a market that has been largely ignored because of the popularity of going for the big crowd.

When talking about niche, read more about it here at my other blog, How does Conventional Battery is selling like hot cake online? It is an interesting concept.

Okay, guys I need to excuse myself and if you need further informations I will be here online as usual.

Have a great weekend and happy blogging and all the best in learning to do business the right way.

Do not forget the Internet Millionaires Mastermind session which is tomorrow, 26th April 2008! See ya around.

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