Rahsia Iklan 1st Page Google

Rahsia Iklan 1st Page Google

Tanpa menggunakan Google Adwords atau iklan dengan FBads

Mahukah anda saya tunjukkan satu platform pengiklanan yang akan membawa website anda di FIRST PAGE GOOGLE tanpa menggunakan iklan Google Adwords dan juga FBads? 

Kenapa anda perlu beriklan di ID4U??

Tahukah anda?

  1. 91% pencari atau pengguna di Google mencari jawapan di laman pertama sahaja. Hanya 9% mencari jawapan sehingga laman 2 dan ke atas!

  2. Lebih dari 50% pengguna di Google hanya mencari jawapan tidak lebih dari 3 yang pertama di laman pertama sahaja!

Dalam masa 24 jam, Google menerima pelawat lebih dari 5-6 Billion.


biar saya teka..  “anda jumpa di GOOGLE SEARCbetul tak? “

“Tapi bagaimana pula boleh masuk Google Search? Saya tak buat iklan guna google adwords pun.

Ya!! Sudah tentu jawapannya ID4U..” ?

ID4U merupakan sebuah platform untuk menaikkan iklan/website bisnes anda ke halaman pertama google search tanpa menggunakan google adword DAN hanya dalam masa yang singkat.

Tanpa ID4U, mungkin dalam masa 2 tahun lagi baru blog saya ini diindex dalam Google search.

Contoh hasil kerja id4u:

Mahukah jika iklan anda muncul di page petama google search seperti di atas?? 

Daftar ID4U sekarang!! 

Advancing Asean in Digital Age

Digital revolution could add US$1 trillion to Asean GDP by 2025

PETALING JAYA: The digital revolution sweeping through Asean could add an estimated US$1 trillion to the region’s gross domestic product by the end of 2025, said CIMB Asean Research Institute’s (CARI) president Tan Sri Munir Majid.

“There is great excitement and expectation in the Asean region about the digital age. The digital economy alone will then be worth US$200bil before rising rapidly. However there are challenges that must be addressed to achieve this,” Munir said in a press release.

“Asean human capital must be fit for purpose – this means far better education and training than presently offered. This means retraining for new capabilities. No regulations that inhibit innovation and creativity within or across borders. Most of all, low cost manufacturing employment can no longer work to attract investment. Indeed work has to be found for those waiting to be employed in Asean’s populous countries,” he added.

CARI launched yesterday a publication titled “Advancing Asean in the Digital Age” at the Asean Business and Investment Summit 2017 to commemorate the regional grouping’s 50th anniversary.

It was published by CARI, in collaboration with the Asean Business Club.

“The book captures the thoughts and ideas of business leaders, thought leaders, as well as policymakers on how the digital age will impact the economic prosperity of the region,” it said.

The publication contains 37 articles, including those by heads of governments such as Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia and several other ministers in Asean.

Are we ready for this?

Do You Know that Many Companies Still Don’t Know How to Compete in the Digital Age


Today I would like you to sit and read this carefully. It is a review by Harvard about Many Companies Still Don’t Know How to Compete in the Digital Age.

Why it is interesting? Because the digital technologies underlying these competitive thrusts may not be new, but they are being used to new effect. Staggering amounts of information are accessible as never before—from proprietary big data to new public sources of open data. Ok, I do not want to drag you further.


Read the Harvard Business Review here: Many Companies Still Don’t Know How to Compete in the Digital Age

Petronas CEO Wan Zulkifli said about Efficiency

“This is a good window of opportunity for us to address all the inefficiencies that we have, within the organization and also the Malaysian oil and gas and industry.” Petronas will cut back some capex programs, he said, adding that it has already cut 23 per cent in operating expenditure. Wan Zul said his six-point strategy is as follows:

Cash generation. “What I mean by cash generation is our plants must be running tip-top, running all the time, we must sell our products at the best value we can get, so it has to be all across the value chain.”

Delivering on growth projects. “These include RAPID, floating LNG, more projects in Sabah and hopefully very soon the project in Canada. We need to deliver these projects well, no cost overruns and on time and with good health and safety levels.”

Striking down costs and simplification. “We are reviewing some of the processes that hit across the group.” These include HR, procurement and planning processes.

Investing in technology.

Talent management. “We are not cutting back on talent management spending, but I just want to be sure that the money is well spent and we spend in areas that we really need to spend. We are looking at how we can do this better.”

Improving work culture.“We are teaching the group starting with the senior staff on ways to improve our working culture.”

Wan Zul said oil and gas projects that have already been sanctioned will go ahead. But the company would also ask for rebidding for some of the packages in the RAPID project to reflect lower prices of raw materials. He said the cutback in Petronas capex would have an impact on service providers. “I think there has been retrenchment and downsizing within the service providers.”

“Today, if I look at the number of companies, I think the latest number is around 3,700 oil and gas service providers. But Norway has only about 700, which means many of our companies are small and the industry is very fragmented.

“We are encouraging consolidation. I know it is painful, but I think this is the way to go since by doing so the industry will be more efficient once we get over this challenging period.

Wan Zul said Petronas, with a 51,000-strong workforce, has no immediate plans to lay off its staff. He said some have been redeployed to RAPID.

He said Petronas would continue to hire new staff, but at a slower pace. “The hiring will continue, but maybe at a slower pace. We still need to bring in new people. We have not come to a point where we have to rightsize.”

Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2015/10/steering-through-tough-times


Note: For your soul, get more efficient here, http://bit.ly/2pR0mtR


Turn Your Hobby into Income

Hey guy! How are you today?

Today is a great day to talk about your hobby that will generate you income. Walla! Surprise? Not anymore my friends. Why? Many have done it and become successful. So why aren’t we do it also? Because I do not know how, because it is impossible, because I am not capable, because I do not know where to starts….and the excuses can go on and on, and on and on.

It is all in our mind. Many of us have hobbies, either to distress, cultivate personal creativity or both. Wouldn’t it be nice to up the ante and make money from your favourite pastime?

Fortunately, nowadays the internet has opened up myriad channels to reach customers, and many of these online portals are free or levy minimum rates. The best people to talk about your hobby are those who have done it. May I ask you a question? Are you a collector? Do you like to cook? Does you have any skills? Are you expert in something? If you are passionate about your area of interest, chances are, you have been actively practising or learning about it. Why not get paid to pass on that knowledge? There you go now you starts to see things huh! then pay me..ahaha..just kidding.

Ok now…What do Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods and the late Steve Jobs have in common? Besides their substantial net worth, they are known for making a name for themselves by “following the passion”. And what better way to do what you love than turning your hobby into full-fledged business?

Many people start their businesses from something they enjoy doing as a pastime, says Maresa Ng, a business coach at ActionCOACH, an international business and executive coaching firm. “Some people enjoy arranging flowers and decide to starts a florist shop. Others like cooking and go into catering, like Chef Wan. I love speaking and mentoring people. So I decided to coach business owners,” say Ng a former banker.

Warning guys! Here’s the bad news. When you transform your hobby into a business, it is no longer your hobby. Then you have to work hard as other business people are doing, put more effort, put more time into it, and actually the amount of money you make has a direct correlation with the amount of time invested.

Here are two critical questions to ask before taking the next step. Be honest. The answers can either push you into starting a business or keeping your hobby as pastime.

  • Are You Good Enough? While it is an important ingredient, passion alone is not enough to ensure success. Even if you are a good cook, running a business and cooking are two different things. You need to be passionate about being in business, and not just be passionate about what you are doing.
  • Can You Afford it? You have to have sufficient funds before you start the business like any other businesses.

So my next question is Are You Ready? Share your thoughts with me here.

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