Selling offline products online is progressing steadily

Guys, I will be short today because my daughter is not feeling well today and skipped school this morning. Despite of that this morning I was triggered by an email from my mailbox saying that a cheque has arrived. So I go and collect it and here is me with the cheque . . . . . 🙂 Certain infos need to blank-out due to confidentiality.

As I said before nothing is impossible in business if we are willing to learn and take action. I may be an old guy and am willing to learn from anybody who is willing to depart his knowledge especially doing things right online. Now my offline products are showing steady result online.

My friends are always asking “So Why I decide to market my products online?”

When the internet became a very viable place to build and transact a business, millions became marketing entrepreneurs, taking advantage of the tools that were only available for use online. However, as most of these people reached a level of success in internet marketing, millions more followed suit. The result? A nearly-saturated market where goods and services competed tightly for a consumer base whose needs slowly became ignored. This is a threat not only to consumers, but to internet marketers as well. The solution? Niche marketing. It is a tried and tested method to veer away from the crowd and meet the unique needs of a market that has been largely ignored because of the popularity of going for the big crowd.

When talking about niche, read more about it here at my other blog, How does Conventional Battery is selling like hot cake online? It is an interesting concept.

Okay, guys I need to excuse myself and if you need further informations I will be here online as usual.

Have a great weekend and happy blogging and all the best in learning to do business the right way.

Do not forget the Internet Millionaires Mastermind session which is tomorrow, 26th April 2008! See ya around.

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