Why you must start blogging?

Do you have a blog? If not I would recommend you have one. For whatever reason or purpose you need to have a blog in 2008!. Example of blogs: personal blog, business blog, entertainment blog, marketing blog, cooking blog, sports blog, gossip blog, etc. Need to know more visit my friend blog who will elaborate more about type of blogs.

Here’s why:

1) It makes it very easy to update your web presence – easy is good because easy gets done (cheers!)
2) Locally you can use a blog to gain exposure that your competition can’t (hooray!)
3) Search engines love blogs and will reward you with better search results when your prospects go searching (web 2.0 trend) (see my ranking on your right…remember this blog is not yet one year in blogsphere
4) The daily and weekly activity of producing written content will make you a much better communicator, marketer and salesperson – it’s the killer activity.

If you are new to blogging, here are some tips for you on “How To Start Your Own Blog”.

Everywhere you look now someone is starting a blog. It can be for their business or even just a personal blog. Blogging Comminity, is a BIG blogging comminity with hundreds of active bloggers that are releasing hubs, or posts, about what they know.

But anyways, here are a few surefire steps in which you can start your OWN blog.


1. Pick something you are passionate about! Say you use a certain product every single day, and you think that you could make a living writing about all the different flavors of that.

2. Make sure the market isn’t flooded with other blogs talking about the exact same thing that you are. If you find the niche you picked isn’t working, narrow it down!


* Headphones>

* Headphones> For iPod users

* Headphones> For iPod users> American

Which Blog?

After you have your niche picked and narrowed down you have to decide how you are going to blog.

Here are a few choices you can do:

1. Register a domain name and host it. This is the thing that most professional bloggers will tell you is key. Having your own .com name makes it look like you are experienced at what you do, and that you are serious. This does cost money, but it will pay off in the long run.

* Go Daddy!

* 1and1

* Network Solutions

2. Make an account at a free blogging platform. There are hundreds of these that can suit you for everything a new blogger could need. They work perfect for a new blogger that is making something for their first time and need some assistance. The best part is that they are free!

* WordPress

* Blogger

* Thinkpad


Content is king. If your blog doesn’t have something good to say then why are people coming? There are a few key things you can do to have great content, and get people hooked.

1. Write 5 or 6 articles before you start your blog, and make sure you have a few backup posts ready for the days when you don’t have time, or can’t write a post.

2. Stay on target! Don’t ramble off about something different entirely. (once or twice is okay)

3. Keep at it! If you don’t get immediate response in the first few weeks, keep going. Its bound to happen that someone will stumble on your blog and link it from their site. Its going to happen, be patient.

4. Content!


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is key. If you don’t show up on a search page, then how are people going to know about you? You need to actively market your website MANY different ways.

1. Go to Google and submit your site! They have a section devoted entirely to that. Make sure you have 5+ posts up before you do this, or they might reject your site.

2. Attach a link to your website on your emails, forum signatures and make sure its on your business card.

3. Send out an email to everyone in your address book telling them about your new blog, and how it can help them.

4. If you have any other pages, link to your new blog. Backlinks are how Google ranks you one there search results.

5. Contact other blogs with the same niche as you and set up a day where the both of you write up an article about each other. You both get different traffic that you might not have had.

6. Whenever you write articles, make sure you attach your name and blog address at the bottom/top so that if people re-use your article, they are re-using you.

Lastly I would recommend you to use Atomic Blogging. What is Atomic Blogging, click it on your right above (the red ebook)

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