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Hey great way to get known….this info is gathered from an online friend Shawn via Get linking today! It is fun. Here how it goes!

1. Click Here and Add me to your Technorati Favorites List
2. Leave a comment once you’ve added me with your Technorati username, blog title and Technorati fav URL and I’ll return the favor
3. You’ll be added to my Technorati Favorites list once your comment has posted

Next, Copy and Paste this info & follow the directions.. (You can copy and paste this whole post, except the intro paragraph)

>>> Copy Here <<<

1) Write a short introduction paragraph about how you found the list, including a link to the blog post that referred you to it.

2) Copy the rules and entire list below and post it on your blog. To avoid duplicate content and increase the number of keywords to each site, change up the titles of the blogs. Just don’t change the links.

3) Take the “My New Faves” and move them into “The Original Faves” list along with your site. Make sure all links are working properly.

4) Add 3 blogs to your Technorati Favorites and link them in the “My New Faves” section. Don’t forget to add the “Fave Me” link next to the new blogs (i.e.

5) Add Everyone on this list to your Technorati Favorites List by clicking on “Fave this Site.” Those who want good kharma will fave you back. If not, you will for sure get the benefits of faves from the bloggers who continue this list after you.

My New Faves

Online Home BusinessTechnorati Fave This Site
MySimpleOnlineBusinessTechnorati Fave This Site
Work From Home JournalTechnorati Fave This Site

The Original Faves

All About FactsTechnorati Fave This Site
Earn As AffiliateTechnorati Fave This Site
Make Money OnlineTechnorati Fave This Site
A Lady’s ConfesionsTechnorati Fave This Site
KassperTechnorati Fave this Site
ThePrizeBlogTechnorati Fave this Site
Poofbags LoungeTechnorati Fave this Site
TheBeefJerkyBlog Technorati Fave this Site
Danny DangTechnorati Fave this Site
ReFormatThisTechnorati Fave this Site
Little MoneyTechnorati Fave this Site
MrGaryLeeTechnorati Fave this Site
DoshDoshTechnorati Fave this Site
NateWhitehillTechnorati Fave this Site
MsDanielleTechnorati Fave this Site
JeffKeeTechnorati Fave this Site
ScribbleOnTheWallTechnorati Fave this Site
JimiMorrisonsHeadTechnorati Fave this Site
JonLeeTechnorati Fave this Site
SamanathonTechnorati Fave this Site
EatDrinknBeMerry Technorati Fave this Site
TheManOfSilverTechnorati Fave this Site
HannesJohnsonTechnorati Fave this Site
MyDandelionPatchTechnorati Fave this Site
NathanDrachTechnorati Fave this Site
SiteLogicTechnorati Fave this Site
JuliesJournalTechnorati Fave this Site
TeaAndSlippersTechnorati Fave this Site
EdLauTechnorati Fave this Site
QMusingsTechnorati Fave this Site
StephenFungTechnorati Fave this Site
Cymru66Technorati Fave this Site
PreHistoricFantasyTechnorati Fave this Site
ChefTomTechnorati Fave this Site
PunchKickChokeTechnorati Fave this Site
NafasgTechnorati Fave this Site
DaveDeliTechnorati Fave this Site
SteveTechnorati Fave This Site
WebTechnorati Fave this Site
Destinations Around the WorldTechnorati Favorite This Site
SyaftheGeekTechnorati Favorite This Site
The Millionaire SecretsTechnorati Favorite This Site
Rockland USA Internet RadioTechnorati Favourite This Site

Wang InternetTechnorati Fave This Site
40 Singleness – Making Money OnlineTechnorati Fave This Site
Ways To Earn MoneyTechnorati Fave This Site

***End Copying ***

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