Multimedia blogging with LifeLogger

Guys, I found out this awesome site LifeLogger. Why LifeLogger?

LifeLogger is a new startup which aims, like several others these days, to be the no. 1 tool to log your life: from your photos to videos, audio, bookmarks, thoughts (via blog), to even your friends. And I can tell you here, it is no short of impressive.When I first came across LifeLogger this morning, I was unsure of the facilities and I know that there are so many tools of this kind that I have encountered before. But it is the crispy interface and the fact that LifeLogger’s storage limit (150 media files per month, 100mb per-file, free!) went beyond what I had previously come across, I could not leave it. Hope you find it useful too especially when your have a lot of photos and videos to share.

Multimedia blogging at its best!

“The perfect web app for you to log your life online” G4 Tech TV

This is the screen shot of my LifeLogger website. >> <<

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