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Click here to get The Blog Profits Blueprint As you know Blog Mastermind is closing doors to new members this Monday, December 10.Here is what Yaro Starak told me in his email this morning.

Dear Rosli,

There has already been a rush of new students joining the program and today I have a resource for you that will send another stampede of members all cookied with your affiliate ID so you get the free Blog Mastermind lesson.

If you send that link out to your readers and friends they will click it and be taken to the complete Lesson 11 from within Blog Mastermind. You can click it yourself now to view the lesson, complete with welcome video from me.

This is a great page that really demonstrates what people receive if they join Blog Mastermind and I expect it will generate some buzz online, especially if you can help by blogging about it or sending an email to your list about it.

I am not writing about it or sending an email to my list about this until the end of today to give all my friends and readers here the first chance to earn commissions.

Walla! This is a way how we learn and at the same time generate some income for our blogging activities and also our business online.

It is a win-win situation.

Hello friends, tell your friends that they can get a free sample lesson from Blog Mastermind (Yaro Starak) all about how to build traffic to their blogs and your job is done for your success online.

Click here for the Sample Lesson.

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