9 Steps to Excel in Blogging

Blogging has become a way of life in 2007. Hundreds of blogs are being created every single day discussing any topic under the sun. Their reason behind for creating a blog has evolved from simple self-expression to making money online. Yes, blogging can be an easy money-making tool as long as you know how to write and catch the attention of the readers. Here are some tips on how you can make it on blogging:

1. Pick a topic. It should be something you are very good at.
2. Register on blogging site. There are many free blog sites on the Internet today, choose one that is popular so you can easily drive traffic to your site.
3. Choose the title of your blog. In choosing your blog name, be sure to use keywords that best describe your topic.
4. Choosing your language. If you will be doing your personal blog or will highlight local events and cultures, it is recommended that you use your native tongue otherwise, use English.
5. Enjoy writing for your blog and make it very interesting so you’ll get more visitors.
6. Update your blog regularly. Give your readers a good reason to come back.
7. Make your blog search engine-friendly. Sprinkle keywords on your posts to make sure that your blog will be indexed by search engines.
8. Link building. Make your blog crawl by linking your articles to other similar blogs.
9. Utilize Google adsense. Who wouldn’t want extra money while doing what you enjoy? Post 3 adsense on your blog and earn money every time your visitors click on them.

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