A wake up call regarding blogging and make money online

I am sitting in front of my TV watching ESPN News and suddenly my eyes flicking. Yup…suddenly it reminds me of my blogging activities. Day in and day out I am trying to find time to blog and sometimes it comes on odd time. Sometimes before going to sleep I blog, sometimes very early in the morning, sometimes right after management meeting…etc. So today one of my friends asked me “what do you really do during your spare time”, without thinking twice, I replied “blogging”. Walla, there it goes, I am really into blogging. When I started it is just a casual and try and error process. Now it is a business.

Some people start blogs with the intention of generating income. This is almost the most popular reason to many. Am I right? (give me a comment on this). There’s nothing wrong with that. The problem, however, is that most people approach blogging for income with the wrong mindset.

By itself a blog is not a business. A blog is merely a self-publishing tool. If you want to blog for income, then you’re really starting an online business, and that is a whole different story. A business is a for-profit venture, and if that’s what you’re looking to create, then you must learn to think like an entrepreneur, not just a blogger.

Blog as a medium and think like an entrepreneur is the juice to bring in income. Gues what? Many people start blogging to make money online. After 6 month they are gone. Why? They do not have focus. They just browse around. They do not take action. They do not implement. They do not do it. So my advise is, follow NIKE, Just Do It.

Guys, just remember this, When A Blogger’s Block Hits, STOP! only then he or she will notice that others are saying, Making Money Online Is Easy

Happy weekend. This weekend I will tell you how online business is somehow related and have the similar chemistry with a conventional business. Meantime do not worry about this, just ponder about the above.

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