When the Blogger’s Block Hits, STOP!

Don’t listen to all the blog guru wannabes that teaches you 10 ways, 20 ways or 30 ways to overcome a blogger’s block. There is no way. I have tried all the ways and really, there is no way to overcome a blogger’s block or a writer’s block. The harder we try, the worse it will become. What they told you and what they have written were their imaginations at work during the time that they were having a block themselves.Nothing is able to run for days to end without rest. Even the world’s most advanced robots have the hibernation mode built into them so that they will auto shut down when they becomes overheated form running 24/7. Even the world’s most advanced engine needs to be stopped for recharging. So what is the big deal about having a blogger’s block and not being able to produce anything for 2 or 3 days. You will not loose anything. Get that fact into your big fat blogger’s head.

The fact that bloggers gets all riled up when a blogger’s block strikes is due to one simple fact that had been embed in their minds from the day they started blogging. They have been reminded time and again, perhaps too many a times, they they must post at least once a day, preferably two or their blogs will never attract any visitors. With that perception in mind, coupled with the fact that they have indeed managed to garner some faithful readers after months of blogging, they fear for the very survival of their blog if they stop updating for 2 days. They imagine the dissappointed looks on their reader’s face when they come and see nothing new. Get this fact into your fat blogger head also. Your blog is not the only one that they are reading.

After getting that 2 facts into your fat blogger head, STOP. Stop for 2 or 3 days if you really feel you cannot write anything constructive. It is better to have nothing at all than to have 3 lame post in a row.

Blog readers are a smart lot. An experienced blog reader developes a gut feeling. The moment they read a post that is written without any soul or emotion, they will feel it. The moment that read something that is not written originally by you, they will also feel it. That’s because as your loyal readers, they know your writing style. Have you read post that seems different in your favorite blogger’s blog after the fifth sentence? You feel funny and out of place and when you check the author, you will realize that it was guest post.

So when the block hits, stop. Don’t go looking for things to write just for the sake of updating your blog. It will do more harm than good.

Guys, I got these tips from a fellow Malaysian Blogger. The way he is thinking is great for us to emulate and to plan about our blogging activities. His name is Costa. He maintain 3 active blogs relating to different issues. He has a pen name, Ah Pek, in the blogging world.
http://blogigs.com tries to reveal the idiosyncrycies and hyprocisis that people go through to get their blogs popularized.

http://www.ahpek.com is my personal blog where i rant and ramble about everyday issues.

http://louyeh.com is a social and business blog discussing about personal development, making a living, education, doing business and many DIY and home maintenance tips. I do lots of reviews for various Companies there.

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