3 months with EntreCard

There are mixed reactions on using EntreCard. When I first using it in January 08, I do not give it a serious method to gain traffic. I just use the EntreCard system simply because everybody are using it. That is the truth. But after 3 months I found out the traffic that I getting is not bad. Ahah! see the stats below:


As you could see, I do not do a lot of dropping, but I do received a lots of drops.

I also earn a lot of credits via ads and via drops of course.


How to achieve that? Design an eye catching 125×125 banner! and

visit the most appropriate niche close to yours for quality visits.


By rule of thumb, if I drops more maybe I will receive more too!

But I think it is not necessary and I will write more article and

sharing more infos about marketing to get more traffic which

I believe is the best method to get an awesome traffic like what

I learned using Atomic Blogging strategies!


Any how if you are new to blogging, certainly EntreCard do help,

as you could see above, here I am helping people to get their blog

recognized and seen! Drop yours above.


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