Important to keep track your Affiliate Commissions

If you do affiliate marketing, it is important for you to keep track them. Many affiliate pays through PayPal – which is great way because it is easy and instant. But some affiliate programs still use checks which we have to go to the bank regularly.

Few days ago I noticed that something was missing – I could not find a check from a company that I should receive monthly. So I contacted them to see what was going on and apparently they said the check was returned for some reason. After checking their database they said a new check will be generated and I shall get the check on the next month payment cycle. Fiuh..what a relief.

So my advice, if you are doing any kind of affiliate (and if you’re not – why aren’t you?) you should remember to keep track of your commission to make sure you get paid for your hard work. Here what you should do:

1. Keep a record and write down each time you know you have a check coming,
2. Write down the name of the company you are an affiliate for,
3. What time period it applies for payment,
4. How much you are supposed to get paid, and
5. When you expect to receive the payment.

For that reason I am using this product, Power Link Generator, to keep track all my commissions on a single system.

In case your affiliate commissions do not arrive on time, you should contact the company right away and you should give them as many details as you could – like your username or member ID, your mailing address, the last payment you received, information about the missing payment (which time period, the amount…), etc. That will help them to speed up the process.

Checking your stats regularly is good – but you do not want to spend too much time on it. There is no reason to check your ClickBank or AdSense statistics every 5 minutes. Once a week should make sure you are on top of everything.

Have you ever had any problems with your affiliate commissions? If you do let’s share your experience here.

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