Desk Evolution from 1980 till 2015


How from the eighties till now our working instruments and habits are changed, visually, technologically and substantially.


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JobCTRL for measuring Efficiency in Workplace

Hi Guys,

Let’s explore JobCTRL today. Why? Because JobCTRL is an innovative concept to improve individual and enterprise level productivity by measuring and analyzing processes, organizing projects and human resources to build a better aligned workforce with more efficient operation.

JobCTRL innovatively addresses real efficiency problems and successfully satisfies existing market demands. The complexity enables the deployment from public to private sector, from manufacturing to services – where measuring success matters.

There was no company who did not introduce JobCTRL after the pilot realized less than 15% improvement in the first 3 months. Amazing!

With JobCTRL you can:

  • Gain better insight from measured and trusted work data
  • Convert it to better decisions in less time
  • Track and compare all corporate projects by up-to-date information

Documenting work – anywhere With the JobCTRL mobile and desktop applications users can log their work basically anywhere. The tasks, projects and customers are also synchronized on the smartphone while activity documentation is supported with automated rules: assigning conversations to customers automated business trip reports location based project switching and task creation


Now let’s view why you need JobCTRL today.

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