Sheikh Maulana Abdul Hamid Ishaq from South Africa is coming to Subang Jaya

This weekend shall be a very busy week for us in Subang Jaya. Scholars in Islam shall be in Subang Jaya to giving out talks about how we should live our life in order to be successful in this world and also in the hereafter.

Why we as ordinary people need to get closer with Scholars or Ulama? Because,
Holy Prophet s.a.w. said to have a look at the face of an Alim (learned man or scholar) is dearer to Allah than 60 years of worship. (Jame ul Akhbar)

Holy Prophet s.a.w. said that if an Alim (learned man or scholar) and a student enter a village or city of Muslims and drink milk from there, Allah due to his blessing raises the torment from Ahli Qubur (people in graves) of that village or city for 40 days. (Kalma e Tayyabah)

Hazrat Imam Jaafar Sadiq a.s. said one rakaat of an Alim faqih is supreme than 70,000 rakaat of a worshipper. (Kalma e Tayyabah)

So my dear readers and friends, I cordially invite you to be with us at one of the 3 places as mentioned in the above poster.