The USD$1 Million Challenge

Wow! This is really exciting to start the ball rolling in 2010! Read on guys…..accept the challenge today!

mYprize challenges developers from across the world to create unique applications, content or devices that highlight the benefits of YTL Communications’ 4G Network in Malaysia. To motivate developers worldwide to submit prototypes, YTL Communications is offering USD$1 million in prizes to those with the most exciting and creative solutions that serve consumer needs.

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YTL Communications envisions a modern broadband nation enhanced by the Internet and supports technological innovation. In 2009, it created the YTL 4G Innovation Network and opened a testing centre at Sentul Park near Kuala Lumpur that will help to make the mobile Internet a reality throughout Malaysia.

Developers can submit their entries from Jan 8, 2010 until May 1, 2010. Ideas will be judged based on criteria such as the originality of the concept and its commercial potential. Finalists will be invited to demonstrate their products in person to a panel of expert and community judges. Winners will be announced in September 2010 and cash prizes will be awarded in multiple categories:

1. Top Applications: 1st: USD$200,000; 2nd: USD$120,000; 3rd: USD$80,000

2. Top 4G Devices: 1st: USD$200,000; 2nd: USD$120,000; 3rd: USD$80,000

3. Malaysian Only Prize: USD$120,000

4. Top Device Idea: USD$40,000

5. Top Application Idea: USD$40,000

Winning entries may be developed for mass deployment to customers upon launch of YTL Communications’ nationwide 4G network in Malaysia in the second half of 2010. Interested developers can go to the ‘mYprize’ portal at, to learn more details, register and submit their entries online.

‘We believe this exciting ‘mYprize’ Global Developer Challenge is a strategic impetus in propelling Malaysia into a truly cutting-edge incubation centre for 4G innovations,’ said Wing K Lee, Chief Executive Officer of YTL Communications. ‘We are confident that the applications and devices will help accelerate our mission of providing affordable, world-class quality products and services that improve the way people in Malaysia learn, work and play.’

‘Our YTL 4G Innovation Network expands the 4G ecosystem and enables the next wave of mobile Internet innovations by connecting the best minds across the globe in developing new consumer products via YTL’s nationwide 4G mobile Internet network,’ Lee continued. ‘The network is linked with the Clearwire 4G WiMAX Innovation Network in Silicon Valley, a global hotbed for innovations, and provides developers opportunities for commercialization in Malaysia and beyond. Developers are able to incubate their ideas, with support from the world leaders in mobile Internet, giving people in Malaysia a new level of mobile Internet experience with products and services optimized for a high bandwidth, low latency 4G mobile Internet.’

So guys, what are you waiting for, give out your ideas today.

To begin, here is a definition of creativity by Andy Rutledge:

Creativity is an inborn capacity for thinking differently than most, seeing differently, and making connections and perceiving relationships others miss. But most importantly, it is the ability to then extrapolate contextually useful ways of employing that data: to create something that meets a specific challenge. (Andy Rutledge)

So creativity is the development of an ‘idea’.

Be Creative and Be Innovated

Understand the culture of Technology and  The design of Business.

Deadly Business Mistakes to Avoid

Hey guys, today I was buzzed by a friend, who said that Daniel Scocco just released a new report worth a read on his blog site.

“10 Deadly Business Mistakes You Should Avoid”

It’s a very short report, so easy to read, but contains some great info. I like to share this common mistake that we do, and I am going to admit that 4 years back I did the same mistake.

One of the mistake is “Lacking money focus

The Internet is certainly erupting with opportunities. All it takes is an idea and passion to build a website around it, and in a matter of months you could have a real business on your hands. Curiously enough, this abundance of opportunities is also what leads many online entrepreneurs to fail. How come? Because they end up trying to pursue too many things at the same time.

They start several blogs, promote affiliate programs, create mini websites for AdSense and offer consulting services on top of that. As a result, they end with average, if not mediocre results in each of these activities. If you want to create something powerful, you need to concentrate your efforts on it. This is true for most things in life. Just think about light. When you have dispersed light beams, they are not that strong. When you concentrate the light beams, however, they become very powerful. So powerful that they can cut steel! This is the concept behind the laser.

Testing with different business models and ideas is ne, but once you decide what direction you want to go, you will need to focus all your time and energies on it.

As you probably know, the online market place is a crowded one. You have thousands of blogs in every niche, hundreds of websites in every segment and dozens of online companies offering similar services. If you want to be pro table, you need to be the best at what you do, and you will only achieve that if you have a laser sharp focus.

This obviously does not mean that you will need to stick with one project for the rest of your life. If you grow your business effectively there will be a point in time where it will pretty much stand alone, and you will be able to step back and pursue new ideas. Until you reach that point, however, you need to focus ALL your time and energies on that single project.

Get to know more by grabbing your copy now – 10 Deadly Business Mistakes to Avoid Link

Take just a few minutes now from your day to read his free report, you will be glad you did and you will thank me later!

Have a great day,
Rosli Hanip

My little advise to you:
Overall I still believe there are no shortcuts to success. Whether you work for a corporation or have your own small business, if you want to succeed you’ll need to work your butt off. If you have your own online business, on the other hand, all your sweat will go into something that you actually own. If you hit a home run, you’ll collect all the profits, and you can also decide to sell the whole business down the road.

OK, grab the free report today!

What Burj-Khalifa tells you?

At the first place what is Burj-Khalifa?

Burj Khalifa “Khalifa Tower”, formerly known as Burj Dubai, is a skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is the tallest man-made structure ever built, at 828 m (2,717 ft). Construction began on 21 September 2004, with the exterior of the structure completed on 1 October 2009 and the building officially opened on 4 January 2010.

Stretching over half a mile high, the skyscraper literally towers above the previous record holder, Taiwan’s 508 meter tall Taipei 101. The 818 meter tall spike of steel and glass now piercing the skyline is the centerpiece of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum’s plans to transform Dubai into the Middle East’s premier business hub. Will this be a reality?

Now I invite you to have a look on the latest wonder of the world, The Burj-Khalifa or Burj-Dubai.

The Burj-Khalifa

But my dear readers, what is the significant of this building? Why waste money unnecessarily when there are so many critical and noble things to do? What is the use or who cares for such world records? UAE already boasted big buildings like the biggest or most expensive hotel etc. It’s all for competition- now someone else will go one better and this reminds me of the hadith of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) when he stated that one of the signs for the day of judgement (minor) would be the constructing of high buildings (for competition purposes).
A sign of the advanced technology of the age in which we live and which The Prophet (pbuh) has mentioned is the construction of tall buildings.

“There will be no Judgment—until very tall buildings are constructed”. (Reported by Abu Hurairah)
“The Hour will not be established—till the people compete with one another in constructing high buildings”. (Bukhari)

This is so true and it is happening before our own eyes! If we look at the history of architecture and engineering, we see that multi-storied buildings began to be constructed only towards the end of the nineteenth century. Technological developments, the growing use of steel and the use of elevators accelerated the construction of structures called skyscrapers. Skyscrapers have become an important part of the architecture of the twentieth and twentyfirst centuries, and have today become a symbol of prestige. What the hadith says has come true: people do compete in the construction of tall buildings, and nations compete with one another in building the tallest skyscrapers. Nauzubillah.

In another famous Hadith of Jibril which we often hear, what we don’t usually know is that in the same hadith the Prophet actually prophesied about the appearance of tall buildings at the end of time. See the full hadith below:

`Umar ibn Khattab (Allah be well pleased with him) said: “As we were sitting one day before the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him), a man suddenly appeared. He wore pure white clothes and his hair was dark black—yet there were no signs of travel on him, and none of us knew him. He came and sat down in front of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), placing his knees against his, and his hands on his thighs. He said, “O Muhammad! Tell me about Islam.”

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) replied, “Islam is to bear witness that there is no god but God and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God; and to perform the prayer; pay zakat; fast Ramadan; and to perform Hajj to the House if you are able.”

The man said, “You have spoken the truth,” and we were surprised that he asked and then confirmed the answer. Then, he asked, “Tell me about belief (iman).”

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) replied, “It is to believe in Allah; His Angels; His Books; His Messengers; the Last Day; and in destiny—its good and bad.”

The man said, “You have spoken the truth. Now, tell me about spiritual excellence (ihsan).”

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) replied, “It is to serve Allah as though you behold Him; and if you don’t behold him, (know that) He surely sees you.”

“Now, tell me of the Last Hour,” asked the man.

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) replied, “The one asked knows no more of it than the one asking.”

“Then tell me about its signs,” said the man.

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) replied, “That slave women give birth to their mistresses; and that you see barefoot, unclothed, beginning shepherds competing in the construction of tall buildings.”

Then the visitor left, and I waited a long time. Then the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) asked me, “Do you know, Umar, who the questioner was?” I replied, “Allah and His Messenger know best.”He said (Allah bless him and give him peace), “It was Jibril. He came to you to teach you your religion.” [Sahih Muslim]

So let’s ponder whether this is necessary or not when we know that Dubai economy is not in a good shape. To understand better about Dubai, read Dubai in debt crisis: Now British banks face fresh crisis after investing billions.