Recession Proof Business

Wow! what a title huh!

I apologize for not posting much lately.  I have been traveling extensively during the school holidays and also the year-end thing for my conventional business.  We are finishing up a great year but I have to tell you that 2009 is set up to be the best year ever for our industry. (To me I mean both, i.e., my conventional business and my online business)

–  The worldwide economy is in a meltdown.
–  People are desperately seeking answers.
–  And Network marketing provides the best solution for the average person to create a profitable non-traditional business.

While all of this is true, that still means YOU are going to be YOUR best for 2009 to be all it can be for you and your family.

Let me brief why here.

Success in this sector of the business world is not based simply on luck. Success is based on following very basic principles and remembering this is a serious business for serious people. Some people make a great deal of money through their respective businesses, but only a small number at the very top have managed to pull a significant income. The financial benefit of those at the top have always been the result of their own dedication and efforts in building an organization that sells real products and services. Network marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme, although some people do make a large amount of money very quickly. With network marketing you have the option of following a proven system, that the good companies provide, where the design, creation and expense of a simple and proven system is laid out for you.

By helping the people you personally sponsor to sponsor others, you duplicate yourself. As this process continues, you create a compounded growth that can lead to hundreds or even thousands of people coming into your business. You manage your time by helping others to become successful and earn an income from all their efforts. The majority of folks, called “Distributors”, who venture into “the Business” fail to achieve any measurable success. The reason for this failure is simply having an “employee mentality”, which is being of the mind to depend on someone other than yourself to make it through your working life. This position sets us up for failure from the beginning. Now, with what I like to call the “boss mentality”, things get a little more interesting and you had better show up for work because now you are calling your own shots! YOU ARE THE BOSS!

Believe it or not, with the economic world melting down, this is a perfect time to look at what makes you content. Our obsessive quest for bliss is all the more important in tumultuous times. It is now more realistic than ever to have a home business network marketing internet business. Whereas only a few years ago, most network marketers still had to rely on the old methods on doing things.

The question I hear most often is “What can a person do in economic times like we have today to make ends meet?” I know it is hard to know what to do to protect or preserve your Assets in face of the economic melt down. Stocks, Banks, jobs, retirement programs and Governments have all failed us. I am sure that each of you have seen and felt the economic crunch right in your own neighborhood. I want you to know that what you are seeing in your own neighborhood is being repeated over and over across the GLOBE. That’s right, the economic melt down is global. That is why, the opportunity for global cash gifting is at an all time high.

People are out of work and companies are either not hiring or they are closing their doors and going out of business. Over the next 2 years, it is predicted, that there here will be over 80 MILLION people being forced to enter into the Internet marketing arena to generate a second income, or in some case a full time income…

This presents a huge OPPORTUNITY for anyone that is “in place” ready, willing and able to help those people that are entering the internet looking for some way to become successful on the internet.

But the sad truth is only about 5% or less of this new wave of people hitting the Internet looking for shelter from the economical storm will make their first dime! That’s a very scary thought, wouldn’t you agree? Why do people fail? They don’t know what to do once they have joined an organization. They must find an opportunity that is fully automatic with someone that will help and guide them until they are successful. That is why what I will show you is perfect! Go to and sign in with your name and email address. I will send you all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

Experts predict that network marketing is ready to take off in what they call a hockey stick growth curve, and we are just arriving at the start of the handle. Think of the it, being at the right place, at the right time and opening the flood gates for your success.

When recession hits, those with any intelligence are going to scramble to find alternative sources of income. In their frantic searches, they are going to find that the best of all alternatives is network marketing.

If you do not believe me, read more here, WHEN RECESSION HITS THE ECONOMY, NETWORK MARKETING BOOMS

So guys, do not panic, do not live in fear, YOU need to change it. Think outside the box and be with me to get in for a free tour at

Your Ultimate Success

Do you know that the elements of ultimate success in Network Marketing are as follows:

  • You must become a leader
  • You must love your business
  • You must attend training (online or offline)
  • You must develop leaders

Guys I could not guarantee your successor failure in your business. No one could. But remember ultimately your failure occurs when and only when you give up.

Then today one of my downline from Indonesia asked me this question: “How to be successful with Internet network marketing?” Wow! What a great question. Right on the bull’s eye 🙂

So I shall elaborate based on what I learn from others too. That is the beauty when you are building your business online.

My answer is simple You will not succeed with your business online unless your downline is able to duplicate your results. But let’s be realistic and address the issue of duplication online by discussing the number one objection that people have to Internet network marketing.

Generally people are saying, “You could not use the Internet to grow your network marketing business without picking up the phone.” That’s 100% wrong. Yes you could! I have done it! and done it with style 🙂

Even my team are doing it right now. I met online many others that are doing it. Now it is true that you could not build a large organizations via network marketing without personal interaction.

I just choose, with my form of network marketing, not to personally interact with my prospects until they sign up and that works for me.

The solution is “You have to have more and more people coming into your system or landing page than offline methods and just train the ones that appear to be serious. Then repeat.

One last tip for today: “Reject rejections, not objections.” You will get objections and that’s good. It just means that your prospects are taking a good look at what you have to offer. Answer objections honestly and let the cards fall where they may. You will be less stressful to build your Internet Network marketing this way.

The Art of Selling by Alec Baldwin

Wow! I got an online training from Alec Baldwin today.

The Art of Selling.

Here are the 15 tips that can help any techie transition into sales:

1. Learn to be comfortable interacting with others and try to develop a comfort level in talking with people you have never met. Joining a couple of social groups such as Toastmasters International that assist all types of professionals in public/group speaking can help.

2. Consider taking a sales course at a nearby college, entrepreneurial center, chamber of commerce or an online class.

3. Develop a strong level of self-confidence in your ability to speak effectively and sincerely about your product or service. Believe that if you convince prospects to become your customers they will be better off because of what you sold them.

4. Seek mentors who have been successful in sales or sales management. Use them to bounce ideas off or and share your enthusiasm for being in sales.

5. Remember: Everyone is a salesperson to some extent and nothing happens in any company — or any relationship — until something is sold. If you are married, you “sold” your wife on marrying you. Competent teachers are salespeople too. They’re selling ideas and concepts to motivate students.

6. Be able to convince your boss (or a senior sales manager in your company) that you are confident in your ability to sell and motivate others.

7. Start by asking your manager if you can assist in a “sales support” role so you can observe how a sales professional handles preparations and objections.

8. Learn to become a good listener — if you are not already — and remember that successful sales professionals cannot sell anything if they don’t listen to and understand the needs of their buyers.

9. Consider the possibility that you may be more qualified than you realize. Technical managers, for example, have sales skills because they are responsible for motivating others, getting projects approved, and selling management on larger budgets or additional tools, to name a few.

10. Find out who your competitors are and examine the merits and pitfalls of their products. You will be selling against them.

11. Know your products and their advantages over those of your competitors (i.e., price, ability to ship, quality, or value-added concepts your company offers).

12. Learn how to use the sales professional’s most valuable tool — the phone and now with Skype or Yahoo Messenger. Be comfortable and confident in what you are saying. Don’t be disappointed by rejection.

13. Be prepared to handle rejection. It’s hard to take in the beginning. Once you gain confidence though, it ought to be a motivator.

14. Learn how to deal with objections to setting appointments or resistance to buying your products, and learn how to ask for an order (close the sale). If there are no objections, there will be no sale. When your prospects ask questions they are asking you to tell them why they should buy.

15. Know that a sale is always being made. Either you sell your prospect on the advantages of buying and a sale is made or your prospect sells you on the reasons for not buying and you lose the deal. Even a commitment for another meeting or follow-up action is a sales commitment which can lead to a sale.

These are tips for a conventional sales person but since I am now doing my business online, get in for the free tips here. Online Business is a thing to do in this current economic situation.