The word Why?

Today’s post is especially to remind myself and also to my fellow muslim friends who are here. Since today is Friday, this the best I share a hadith, which is the words from our Prophet Nabi Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam).

Hadrat Ma’adh Johani radi-allaho anhu reports that Rasulullah (Sallalllahu alaihi wa sallam) said, “Whoever reads The Holy Quran and acts upon what is contained in it, his parents will be made to wear a crown on the Day Of Judgement, the brilliance of which will excel that of the sun, if the same were within your worldly houses. So, what do you think about a person who himself acts upon it?”

Thus, it is through the virtues of reading the Holy Quran and acting upon it that the parents of the reader will be honored with a crown, where the glow of the crown will far excel the light of the sun even if the sun were within one’s own house. The sun is at a great distance from us and even then its light is so bright. If the sun comes down in one’s house, its light and glow will surely increase manifold in one’s house. The light of the crown to be worn by the parents of the reader will be brighter than that. This is in store for the parents, now ponder what will be the reward to her or she who read the Holy Quran himself or herself. Surely the reward will be more.

But nowadays, we as muslim neglects this reading of the Holy Quran. Now I want you to look into this. It is all about the word “WHY”. (CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW)

For Malaysians by Malaysians

Guys, today I divert from the Successful Mindset series.

Just for a good cause, For Malaysians by Malaysians.

WATCH VIDEO: Here In My Home by Malaysian Artistes For Unity.

Some of the biggest names in the country have come forward to promote racial unity in the form of a song. May this song touch the hearts of all Malaysians and let us be reminded Malaysia is our home.

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Successful Mindset : Marketing like a Millionaire

Sorry for delay in writing this post. Yesterday I have many things to settle and now is the time to write more about this “Successful Mindset” series.

Do you know that in a business, may it be an online business or it be an offline business, marketing is the lifeblood of your empire. I am not kidding. Because I am in marketing world for more than 16 years now and mostly offline. If you don’t believe me, give it a try. Just let your marketing go dry for one month, then you will feel your world shrivel up around you. If you blog regularly, just stop for one month, see how it effects your traffic and ranking. This is the reality. That is why, advertisement never stops in the TV, media, billboards, etc.

So you must become a master at generating a constant flow of people hearing how you are the one with the answer to their primary question of, “Why does my life s**k and how can I make it better?” Now pay attention, this piece is huge . . . .

If you do not believe in yourself enough to learn specific skills that allow you to market like a millionaire, refer to my previous post, Mindset of a Millionaire (see below).

I know the skills, you can learn the skills. You may be wondering, “How long will it take to learn 16 years of marketing?” If you want to succeed, you must have the desire. That is the motivation for you to learn. Once you have a working knowledge of the concepts, you can outsource anything that is not the best use of your time. Overtime, you can take your knowledge to whatever extent you decide.

People are looking for leaders, so market yourself as a leader. Marketing yourself is not as it sounds. Marketing yourself means that your customers perceive enough value in a potential business relationship with you, that they are irresistibly attracted and compelled to work with you.

Take a moment and think about marketing. Think about businesses that you are familiar with, and what they do for marketing. Then ask this question, “Are they successful?” “What makes their marketing work?” “Why are people attracted to use their services or buy product from them?” “Do they appear to be embracing change in the marketing strategy, or are they holding firm to the old ideas that worked years ago?” If businesses do not embrace change, they will not be around long.

So your home-based business is no different. You must adapt to the appreciation of change and operate on the cutting edge and taking your dream, your future into your hands is a concept whose time has arrived. Embrace it, and know that marketing ans setting ones self apart from the masses is a must. If you don’t know how to do this, Marketing System is a must.

Who will bring you to your success? The answer is in . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Successful Mindset : Mindset of a Millionaire

Guys, I would like to wish you a happy weekend. Today I am writing this blog beside a pool at Berjaya Club. Since it is the first day of School holiday, I am here with my family and I never forget to bring along my HP notebook. Since my children are busy themselves with the pool, let me busy with this sharing.

Okay…where are we? Oh… here it goes.

Remember Late Night Legend, David Letterman, interviewed billionaire Donald Trump not long ago (june 2006) on his show. Letterman asked Trump what he would do if he lost everything and had to start over from scratch.

Trump’s response was that he would find a great network marketing company and get to work.

When he received some hisses and boos from the audience, he looked out at them with complete and total authority and responded, “That’s why I am sitting down here and you are all sitting out there”.

Why? The wealthy and successful think differently than the rest. It’s really quite cut and dry. They have already created the millions; it’s part of their everyday life. There are no belief issues, the proof is in their bank accounts, investments, and assets. You see it in the clothes they wear, the cars they drive, and the vacations they take. There is a confidence about them and they are able to put their head on their pillow at night, knowing that their affairs are in order ( I am not saying that wealth eliminates all problems, but it provides opportunity).

The confidence and belief, which is their reality, must be understood before you can create real, longstanding, stable wealth. This is the first and most important issue you will face.

“How does one think and operate as the person who has already attained wealth, when they are still broke?”

To reach the goal of thinking as a wealthy and successful entrepreneur, and finding your financial thermostat you MUST understand the following:

  • You will never outperform your self-image
  • You cannot earn more than you believe you are worth
  • You will settle for exactly as much as you think you are worth
  • You are the only one that can determine what you are worth

At this stage, many people ask, “What does this mean?” “How do I know where my financial thermostat is set right now?”

Your first step is to look at the average income of your 10 closest friends and family members. Chances are you earn approximately as much as they can. This is where it gets difficult for some people to grasp.

You see, you have been conned into believing that this is all you are worth! It was not done intentionally, people are just accustomed to believing that they should be content with their lot in life, and don’t understand the greater context of the fact that we each control our “lot in life”. For them to think outside the box is uncomfortable. When one starts to think outside the box, it makes neighbors, family and friends uncomfortable too. Your family and friends are accustomed to what they believe is possible in their reality. Fortunately for us, we create, and participate actively in our own reality, ultimately guiding the outcome with or previous decisions. They want you to be safe and feel “comfortable is safe”. Having a job is traditionally accepted as secure and safe, and that most entrepreneurs go broke in a few years. You can see their logic, “Don’t venture outside your own backyard, it is dangerous out there and people crash and burn”. You can use this same logic and say not to fly or drive, because many people die in car accidents and planes could fall from the sky, so you better just stay home and be safe.

Okay guys, I shall continue this sharing tomorrow as my children are shouting for me to join them in the pool. Until my next post tomorrow, just sit back and think about this “Mindset of a Millionaire” and starts to think outside the box!

Successful Mindset : Ebay Declares War On Internet Marketers – How You Can Profit From This Move

Guys you know what?

Ebay shocked the internet marketing world when it recently announced that it will no longer allow the sale of digital download products. This move effectively shuts down an income stream for many sellers of eBooks, software, and digital video that relied on the instant download support provided by Ebay.

Many sellers of information products see this as a blessing in disguise as they turn to companies like ClickBank which can also provide a huge stream of cash-in-hand buyers along with the ability to provide instant downloads to their customers.

By the way, read the latest news regarding Clickbank: Malaysians Can Now Signup With Clickbank!
Sellers on ClickBank have known for years that their products on ClickBank sell for more, and their customers are more loyal than Ebay customers. This is because customers from Ebay are bargain shoppers and like to buy for pennies on the dollar and will rarely pay fair market value, especially for information products.

By using ClickBank’s massive base of built in affiliates, the top sellers on ClickBank make over a million dollars per year just in ClickBank sales. This far exceeds what anyone on Ebay was earning from their digital download auctions.

However, ClickBank does not give us easy access to its 100,000 active affiliates. But there are some quick and easy ways to tap into this sales army with the system used in Scott Stamper’s ClickBank Stampede. He is a great friend with a great idea for you to tap. As I said we must be adventurous in order to have a Successful Mindset.

Okay, let’s proceed further.

ClickBank Stampede reveals backdoors and loopholes used by top ClickBank sellers. It’s the fastest, easiest and most efficient method of making money with ClickBank.

To learn more visit ClickBank Stampede at:

So if you were a former information product seller on Ebay, don’t agonize. Instead use it as motivation to change your business plan to make even higher profits.

Spencer Johnson sums it up best in his best selling book “Who Moved My Cheese?” – “That’s life! Life moves on. And so should we”.

Some juice of this ClickBank Stampede is here . . .

With over 100,000 ACTIVE affiliates, you can have more salespeople working for you, selling your products, than most Fortune 500 Companies. ClickBank has turned average people into millionaires almost overnight.

Think It’s a Myth? Read This: ClickBank was created to help the little guy sell their products on-line. Today they pay-out almost $200 million dollars per year to average people. Many of the top sellers get over a million dollars per year… and I’m about to reveal their secrets to you!

Psst! Tomorrow is a weekend. I have more time to write about The interview of David Letterman (Late Night legend) with the billionaire Donald Trump not long ago (June 2006) on his show. I got it on CD but I will write a summary about it here. Stay tune in this Successful Mindset series.

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