The Most Obvious Internet Success Secret that many misses

What is the most obvious Internet Success Secret that everyone misses? It is Learning skill. Yes, learning skills are the most important in this arena and of course in any business venture we went to embark on. Without the learning skill, you are shaky, because in two or three months along the rocky highway of the internet world, there are many dynamic changes and this is when, if you are not prepared, your primary stream of income is doomed. I have been into this situation before and I feel almost demoralized but knowing that I am a stubborn nuts, I keep coming back and starts to learn the correct way.

Nowadays you guys are very lucky because there are many gurus out there who are willing to give their first hand tips at a lower cost. During my days when I started in the year 2005, the learning investment is huge. Now it is better for you since the US currency in going down when compared to Ringgit Malaysia.

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Another issue is which many people do not know is about the people. Yes, it is about you, your friends, your neighbor, and me. Why? There are methods to be learned in this business or arena BUT if you do not take ACTION nothing will happen. That is the TRUE fact. It is not about the studying but the METHOD of studying. The moment one guru teach a person how to learn rapidly, and they took off and start achieving amazing results . . . .IF they take ACTION.

The pre-requisites are very simple, and yet many people are lazy and skeptical. They volunteer their first step but they balk at the prospect of moving on because of they realize that there are real costs to the business that they never prepared themselves for.

In this business, it can cost you a lot of money, or it could make you a lot of money. It is your choice.

The fact is, if you do make money, any amount that you spend is just simply an investment. The return on investment (ROI), however, is really up to you to control, assess and decide.

Similarly, it’s not “having” the business, but the method of “managing” the business. Do you know how to run a business? Do you know how to manage your learning so that you can use the strategies? The trouble is that many people do not have the patience to work on the business. They end up working in the business, and that makes the whole business somewhat tedious. So my advise is . . . . .

Keep learning, never stop learning, starts to have strategy and be innovative.

What do we want?

The coming general election 2008 in Malaysia is getting hotter and hotter everyday. Every media mainstreams are telling us stories about this coming general election. Just few minutes ago I went to YouTube and found these interesting videos from our fellow friends, family members and students from the UK. See what they have to say about this election. They are the future leaders of this country. We need to hear their voice too even though they are still young. They are Big enough to know what is right and what is wrong. Let them say out loud their views and thoughts. Okay…..listen…..

Rise of Silver Bloggers in Malaysia

Yesterday I read an interesting article in The News Strait Times with the title “Rise of silver bloggers”. It says “Forget coffee shops, gardening and crossword puzzles. Blogging, often considered the domain of the young, is gaining a foothold as a new leisurely option for the middle-aged and senior citizens alike”.

This is a way to share wisdom and experience with fellow readers and friends online. Nowadays The Internet and its tools like social networking sites and blogs are not just for the younger generations. The middle-aged and senior citizens, are also fast in adopting such modern communication tools for various reasons like socializing, sharing past experience and many more reasons. The topics of these blog are diversified, reflecting the wisdom, experience and many moods of these silver bloggers.

This article is gathered from and feel free to read it in full here.

So in today’s world, blogging is no more an alien thing to many but it is still to those who does not want to change and to learn the new trade.

If you are interested in knowing more what blogging is all about, sit back and read further the Winning Tips to Start Blogging.

Web logging or blogging to many is one of the newest ways for net users to express and air their opinions, ideas, insights, and just about anything that they want to share with other people who may find their sentiments interesting or in some means similar to what they have been experiencing. Web logging is a potentially powerful feature that comes in very dynamic forms and styles. The manner that you create your own web log depends on your own creativity and ingenuity. But generally, the following tips below are some of the most common steps that web loggers take.

  1. Think about what you want to write. Whether you are writing for the passion of writing or you want to educate or inform other people, or probably do business with your web log, the fact remains that you have to think about the topic that you wish to write. By knowing what you want to write, it is going to be a lot easier for you to start writing the web log.
  2. If you have insufficient knowledge about what you want to write, then it is suggested that you make a research and seek for additional help with what you will be writing. People who first started working on their own web logs did the same thing. After all, it is never wrong to seek help from people whom you know are far knowledgeable than you are.
  3. Make sure that you come up with web log contents that is both interesting to you and the potential readers that you will be having. The web log that you create is not solely going to be for your eyes only. It is, as a matter of fact, going to become a common and public domain once it is launched on the net. Essentially, then, you need to make a log that is going to be of interest then to other people as well.

Learn it more here on how blogging is not only tools to express feeling or experience but as a marketing tool too.

Some of the blogs regarding this post “Rise of Silver Bloggers in Malaysia” are as follows:

Mirror, mirror on the wall . . . . .

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest of all?”
The mirror answered-
“You, my Queen, are the fairest of all,”
and the Queen was contented, because she knew the mirror could speak nothing but the truth.”
–The Brothers’ Grimm, Little Snow White

Today I just want to blog about this hot topic in Malaysia, The General Elections.

Malaysia’s political parties formally started campaigning yesterday (Sunday) for general elections with fractious opposition groups joining forces in a bid to deprive the ruling coalition of a two-thirds parliamentary majority.

Hundreds of political heavy-hitters and first-time aspirants filed their nomination papers to contest 222 parliamentary constituencies and 505 state legislature seats. The process officially marked the start of a 13-day campaigning period ahead of the March 8 ballot.

So as the Snow White famous tag “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all going to win in this election?” The answers are in your own hands. Vote wisely, vote the best candidate to represent you in your area and country. Vote for your voice to be heard. Those who are outstations due to work or pleasure, go back home to vote and choose the right person in this election. May it be current government coalition parties or oppositions front parties, make this general election 2008 a true Malaysian Style Election with the true spirit of Democracy. People of Malaysia would like to see a true democracy election. No negative impact whatsoever so that foreigners or investors will look at us and we will stand tall with our Malaysian style none bias election process. We are not only saying that we are Democracy country but to show it during this election process. If there is a change do it properly and let it be clean in the whole process. We Malaysian are wise now to see what is right and what is wrong. We do not need the mirror to tell us about the truth. We have our own eyes to see.

To all politicians, be a true leader for Malaysia to progress further in this Globalization era. But when we said Globalization, we need not to forget about our root, our religion and our believes. We need working leaders not sleeping leaders. We need slave leaders that willing to work for the benefits of people not bossy leaders who are only looking for their rice bowl. We do not need leader who only could talk during campaigning but later keep quiet and stay home when elected.

We need leaders and what we mean is True Leaders for the People. Leaders who will champion the People’s needs. Leaders who are willing to sacrifice their own needs for the People. Who are they? Are they to be found in this coming election? Or this is just an illusion to Malaysian politics? I am not saying that todays leaders are not of the above criteria but often being said that majority of the current leaders are not up to the standard that will bring Malaysia forward in this Globalization era. Like a malay saying “tepuk dada, tanya selera” but we rephrase it “tepuk dada, tanya iman”.

My last advice to the current potential leaders whether they are from the current coalitions parties or they be from the oppositions, if you think you could be the True Leader by all means go all out and woo us as your voters, but if you could not be a True Leader, just stay home and pull out as a candidate to save your money and also the voters money. We certainly do not need Sleeping Leaders.

Note: All photos are from the respective participating parties.

What you see is What you will be

In this fine sunny Sunday in Malaysia, I am sitting at my patio and of course with a cup of coffee and this notebook, I am writing this interesting topic. Few minutes ago I just saw a movie title: “Brooke Ellison Story”. Who is she? I am not going to tell you more about Brooke but instead what is the moral of the movie. If you need to read more about Brooke just visit her website at

Briefly I would to highlight here that Brooke Ellison (20 October 1978) is the first quadriplegic to graduate from Harvard University. In 2000, she was selected by her fellow students to speak at the University’s commencement ceremonies.

Ellison was struck by a car in 1990 at age 11, while crossing a street on her first day of junior high school, leaving her paralyzed from the neck down and ventilator-dependent. Brooke and her mother, Jean Ellison, live with their family in Stony Brook, New York.

Ellison’s struggles are depicted in The Brooke Ellison Story directed by fellow quadriplegic Christopher Reeve.

Okay guys, let we go a bit deeper. Why we want to mingle around with Successful people?

Surround ourselves with successful people – that’s what a lot of counselors suggested us to do. It’s very good advice, because, to quote the proverb, “What you see is What you’ll be”. What you surround yourself with, the thoughts and feelings that you have and the people and the things around you, is what your subconscious mind believes you want – even if you hate it.

What your subconscious mind believes you want is exactly what it prompts you to go after. Even if what you really want is great success and happiness, if you wear drab clothes, watch depressing TV programs, surround yourself with clutter and hang out with people who complain a lot, you’ll be a miserable failure. That’s what you see – that’s what you’ll be.

Surrounding yourself with positivity and success, though, boosts your energy and confidence and inspires you to go and get some of the same.

So one significant key to success is to surround yourself with positive, inspiring, successful people. There are several reasons and benefits for doing this. It will elevate your mood on a constant basis. You will begin to unconsciously work towards success. You’re motivation and passion will increase. And most importantly, all of these factors combined will help you build enough momentum to break through obstacles in your way. Let’s explore these benefits a little deeper.

Surrounding yourself with successful people constantly elevates your mood.

Success breeds success. And the best way to breed it faster is to be around it 24/7. Surround yourself with positive people, who are striving towards similar goals. They will support and motivate you to strive towards your goals, and they work towards theirs. Being around success will put you in a good mood. Learn it here, leadership-and-motivation-training which I found a great site for you to get the right idea and how to get started.

Your unconscious mind will begin to automatically think & act success.

When you have successful people around you on a regular basis, you’re brain or your mind recognizes that your environment is made of mostly successful, goal-oriented people. Your subconscious mind will accept success as normal and propel you faster towards your goals than you could imagine. Once your subconscious mind understands and and accepts your target goal, its a straightforward path to success.

Your motivation & passion for your goals will increase substantially.

Seeing your friends succeed around you, will excite and motivate you towards your goal. Their passion and drive will overflow onto you, leaving you no choice but to pursue YOUR passion. Your chances of success will increase exponentially when surrounded by these kind of people.

So my advise is, no matter what conditions you are in now, just leave that behind and have a positive mind to move forward and starts to mingle around with successful people. For online entrepreneurs in Malaysia, I would like you to join Internet Millionaires Club today and starts to believing in yourselves. We are just an ordinary guy just like you but have Big dreams just like all others from all over the world. Join us now and let’s move forward together.

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