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Get to know our Malaysian Internet Millionaires LIVE on Radio 93.9FM on Thursday, 1 November 2007 at 3.00pm to 5pm. Who is he ? He is Dr. Irfan Khairi our own self made Internet Millionaires. This week his guess speaker shall be En. Azman Chin and the topic shall be “The First Step To Be Successful in MLM Business”.

Unfortunately this 93.9FM could only be heard in Selangor state but for others do not worry, Dr. Irfan Khairi has made it possible for all to hear this talk show online at . . . . .

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Article Writing Versus List Building

I would like to share one interesting article that I read today. The author is Gary Baker

There is a very close relationship between writing an article and building an opt-in list. Article writing is a skilled technique to convince the target.

For example let us say that a person writes an article to send it through an email campaign, so that people visit his website and/or opts-in for a newsletter.

The direct target of this person is to perform in such a way so that people who read the email may immediately be convinced that they should join the newsletter. So, coming to the point, the article written in the email body should be powerful.

After reading your email article, if people think that you are saying the truth and they feel it internally by heart, along with relevant facts outlaying the benefits and value of the products you are promoting, then more than likely, this means that your article is excellent and more people will respond to join your opt-in list.

So, this is the main reason behind the close relationship of article writing and list building.

The first email written for an email campaign should be a welcome email. This step should also never be ignored. If possible, please include free giveaway products, coupons, etc.

Another thing to remember is that while writing the article for email campaigns, take care in using something unique and different in the subject line.

Todays human being has the mentality of using common sense and psychological ideas, before taking action.

When anyone checks his inbox, he will first of all directly read the subject and delete without going further through your mail, if his psychological idea says that it’s a spam.

This is the reason why you should use unique and different subject lines. If a visitor comes to your website or receives an email from you looking for information and doesn’t sign up to receive your e-mails, you may miss an opportunity to turn that customer into cash.

So write the best articles and get the more customers to your list, whether it’s a website or email campaign.

Happy list building!

Top 10 strangest things in space

From gravity waves to galactic cannibalism, outer space is out of this world

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First Malaysian Scorpene submarine launched

Malaysia’s first Scorpene submarine was launched yesterday signifying yet another leap in Malaysia’s pursuit of new technology. After the first Malaysian was in space being accomplished and now the first Malaysia’s submarine will dominate the sea especially in this region of South East Asia.

KD Tunku Abdul Rahman, named after the country’s first Prime Minister, was unveiled in a historic ceremony at the DCNS dockyard in Cherbourg (France), about 400km from Paris. The Chief of Staff of the Malaysian Navy, Admiral Tan Sri Ramlan Mohamed Ali, and the Chief of Staff of the French Navy, Admiral Oudot de Dainville, were present at the ceremony commemorating the joining of the fore- and aft-sections of the first Scorpene submarine being built for the Malaysian Navy.

Also in attendance were the Chief executive officer of DCN, Jean-Marie Poimbeuf and Submarine Force Project Team head First Admiral Rosland Omar, along with representatives of DCN, Armaris and Navantia. The contract was originally signed in June 2002 between the Malaysian government, DCN and the Spanish shipbuilder, Navantia. It concerns the building of two Scorpene-class submarines, and also covers a contract for training Malaysian crews in submarine handling and operations. These two contracts will allow the Royal Malaysian Navy to acquire a first-class submarine force.

KD Tunku Abdul Rahman is set to sail home, manned by the country’s first submarine crew in January 2009 while the second vessel, to be named KD Tun Razak, is expected to be delivered by October 2009.

Read the full spec of Scorpene here.

To view how Scorpene works, sit back and view this movie.

Malaysia’s first major cartoon in cyberspace

Nestled in an old part of Kuala Lumpur city is a majestic white and blue mansion which one would guess is the factory that produces Blue Karipap. Unlike the edible variety, this karipap (curry puff in Malay) is an animated series.

Here another tasty malaysian tidbit – this series only available on the internet. Point your web browser to and you will find yourself in a tale of delinquents and dreamers.

Here is the news in NST>Blue Karipap

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