Malaysia Celebrates 50 Years of Independence (“Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka”)

It is 31 August 2007, Malaysia celebrate her 5oth Year of Independence.

In brief here is the history.

The independence of Malaysia is different from much of the independence of other countries. What makes it so different? It is a peaceful independence achieved by holding talks with the British. No other country has ever done that before Malaysia. Additionally, the Malaysian independence was realised by three people with different culture and religion. It is amazing how independence was gained that way.

After independence in 1957, Kuala Lumpur was the capital of the Federation of Malaya and continued to be the capital of the renamed Federation of Malaysia in 1963. For the occasion of independence, A large stadium, Stadium Merdeka (Independence Stadium), was built, where Malaysia’s first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, declared Malaya’s independence in front of a massive crowd. On the glorious day of 31 August 1957, Allahyarham Tunku Abdul Rahman proudly declared the independence of Malaya (now Malaysia) by shouting out “Merdeka” seven times at the Merdeka Stadium.

Since that day onwards, the people of Malaysia promised to renew the political, economical and social structure in order to reduce the gap among the society. It is no easy job as there are many challenges ahead.

Therefore, we, as the younger generation and citizens of Malaysia, must protect our country from any harmful sources. We should work hard together to gain superiority and not to be left behind. Though education plays an important role, but it will only be successful the people are willing to contribute and sacrifice. The quality of independence is indirectly proportional to the action taken by its people to maintain and strenghten it.

Malaysia already 50…I am at 41…so let’s progress further for more betterment of the country Malaysia and also for ourselves.

In my language, Bahasa Malaysia, …”Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysia …… Keranamu Malaysia …”


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Trying To Heal a Broken Heart?…Focus On Yourself

“We either make ourselves happy or miserable. The amount of work is the same.” -Carlos Castaneda

There are many times when ending a relationship that our self-esteem suffers. Self doubt and insecurities may surface.

Because you are in, shall we say; a fragile state right now, it’s important to continue to make good choices for yourself.

By taking care of yourself and trying to do what makes you feel better; you are allowing yourself the opportunity to really begin to heal you heart.

Although you are feeling bad there is one very important thing you must remember not to neglect or forget. It’s the one thing that will guarantee your feeling better…”Don’t forget to take care of yourself.”

Indulge yourself. You are going through a tough time right now so take extra care in being easy on yourself. Treat yourself to all of the little niceties that will make YOU feel better.

New hair-cut, color, make-up, facial, manicure or massage. Buy yourself something you’ve been wanting. Go and do something you enjoy. Do anything that makes you feel great about yourself. Do anything that you love doing which you’ve been putting off.

Join a gym, if you can’t afford it, go for a walk and commune with nature. Go on a vacation or go out with your friends again. Occupy yourself with positive activities and stay focused on things that make you happy.

If someone you love was going through the same thing, how would you treat them? Well, that someone you “should” love is yourself. Spoil and pamper yourself just as you would someone you love.

This is the time to be nicer to yourself than you’ve ever been before… You’re worth it!

What you may not realize yet is this: As time goes by and you are starting to feel good again, the person that is going to emerge will be the new and improved version of you. Take this opportunity to start to love yourself more. You have the power to create your future. Choose to live it well!

There is a saying, “With every door that closes another door opens.” Begin to believe in a better life. Change isn’t always easy but…with change comes growth.

The door that is opening for you is to a new life. As you begin to accept that your relationship is over…you can begin to look forward instead of living in the past.

As you start to focus more and more on moving on…make sure you are moving on to the life you want. As you know; the choices we make determine how we live our lives.

Take this time and use it to your advantage. As difficult as it has been to go through, I’m sure you don’t want to make the same mistakes again.

Use this as an opportunity to create the life you want. Get beyond your fears and you will open yourself up to living a better life!

Read more about it at:

Susan Russo is the President of Pinnacle Thought Inc. Publisher for books and resources which provide inspiration, self-empowerment and the tools and strategies to help move you toward personal success and fulfillment. She is editor of “You’ve Got Power” ezine and author of “There Is Life After What’s-His-Name.

Finding Work-At-Home Business, Jobs or Ideas – 8 Insider Tips

Right now you are desperately searching for a way to find a work at home business, jobs, or ideas that will work for you. You are not alone.

Each day millions of people are launching very successful work at home businesses, and finding jobs or ideas that earn them money from their very own living rooms.

Finding a work at home business, jobs, or ideas may not be as hard as you think.

It requires two essential elements: a little self-assessment mixed with a little market assessment.

Many successful at-home business owners find work at home business, jobs, or ideas by matching their passion and skills to a targeted niche of people who are desperately searching for what they bring to the table.

Here are the essential insider tips that all successful home-based businesses, small or large, follow.

1. They assess what it is that they already know how to do, honing in on matching their skill-base and passion to a market need.

2. Then they study the market, noting how they can use their passion and skills to help a niched cluster of people solve a frustrating, pesky, and pressing problem .

3. Then they figure out how to package their own brand of magic in such a way that they make the lives of this targeted cluster of people less-stressful by solving their problem, helping them to feel better…or both.

4. Next, they find a way to capture the heart and the attention of their hand-selected niche of people by crafting messages that will reach into their hearts and snaps them to attention.

5. Then they pursue a value-based relationship with their niched cluster, refining their offering to fit smugly into the life and reality of their niched cluster.

6. They never take their eyes of their goal, which is help alleviate the stress in the lives of their niched cluster. They realize that their success stems from finding new ways that allow them to continue to deliver more branded magic to their niched cluster.

7. They package and price their offering in such a way that gives their niched cluster top-of-the line value, and provides them with the cash flow they need to sustain their brand of magic, and feel valued by what they bring to the table.

8. Their success is evident in the raving fan base they build and the profits they reap. For their goal is to continually evolve their offering to include a multitude of income streams, products and services that match their passion and skill-base to that cluster of people who will go absolutely crazy about what they do and how they do it.

The bottom-line: successful businesses find a need, and then they fill it.

* They fill the need with their own branded and specialized kind of magic.
* They fill the need by using their passion and skill-base to address the needs and frustrations of their target market with more compassion, understanding, and precision than their competitors.

So, here’s your challenge.

Assess what you bring to the table, and then find a work-At-Home Business, Jobs or Ideas that will allow you to package your magic and to ease some of the stresses and frustrations felt by a hand-selected niche of people.

  1. Check out The Key To Finding A Successful Work-At-Home Business and figure out how you will package your magic to help a hand-selected niche of people solve some of their most pressing problems.
  2. Assess your skill-base and expertise and determine how to package your passion, skills, and expertise in such a way that a hand-selected niche of people will go crazy enough for what you bring to the table and pay you handsomely for your efforts.
  3. Create a Business Start-up BluePrint that will help you figure out exactly how you will take your small business idea from conception to reality.

Latarsha Lytle is a motivational business and career consultant who works with women who are looking to do more with their lives to find flexible and rewarding careers and businesses that kindles with their passion and fits into the context of their life.

She works with many women to wrap their SweetSpot, THAT thing that they were made to do, into a career or business that

* fits into the context of their life,
* stirs their passion,
* serves their purpose,
* earns them money, and
* allows them to leave their impact on Earth.

For more information on finding small business ideas that fit your passion and your life, go to

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