Desk Evolution from 1980 till 2015


How from the eighties till now our working instruments and habits are changed, visually, technologically and substantially.


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JobCTRL for measuring Efficiency in Workplace

Hi Guys,

Let’s explore JobCTRL today. Why? Because JobCTRL is an innovative concept to improve individual and enterprise level productivity by measuring and analyzing processes, organizing projects and human resources to build a better aligned workforce with more efficient operation.

JobCTRL innovatively addresses real efficiency problems and successfully satisfies existing market demands. The complexity enables the deployment from public to private sector, from manufacturing to services – where measuring success matters.

There was no company who did not introduce JobCTRL after the pilot realized less than 15% improvement in the first 3 months. Amazing!

With JobCTRL you can:

  • Gain better insight from measured and trusted work data
  • Convert it to better decisions in less time
  • Track and compare all corporate projects by up-to-date information

Documenting work – anywhere With the JobCTRL mobile and desktop applications users can log their work basically anywhere. The tasks, projects and customers are also synchronized on the smartphone while activity documentation is supported with automated rules: assigning conversations to customers automated business trip reports location based project switching and task creation


Now let’s view why you need JobCTRL today.

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Turn Your Hobby into Income

Hey guy! How are you today?

Today is a great day to talk about your hobby that will generate you income. Walla! Surprise? Not anymore my friends. Why? Many have done it and become successful. So why aren’t we do it also? Because I do not know how, because it is impossible, because I am not capable, because I do not know where to starts….and the excuses can go on and on, and on and on.

It is all in our mind. Many of us have hobbies, either to distress, cultivate personal creativity or both. Wouldn’t it be nice to up the ante and make money from your favourite pastime?

Fortunately, nowadays the internet has opened up myriad channels to reach customers, and many of these online portals are free or levy minimum rates. The best people to talk about your hobby are those who have done it. May I ask you a question? Are you a collector? Do you like to cook? Does you have any skills? Are you expert in something? If you are passionate about your area of interest, chances are, you have been actively practising or learning about it. Why not get paid to pass on that knowledge? There you go now you starts to see things huh! then pay me..ahaha..just kidding.

Ok now…What do Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods and the late Steve Jobs have in common? Besides their substantial net worth, they are known for making a name for themselves by “following the passion”. And what better way to do what you love than turning your hobby into full-fledged business?

Many people start their businesses from something they enjoy doing as a pastime, says Maresa Ng, a business coach at ActionCOACH, an international business and executive coaching firm. “Some people enjoy arranging flowers and decide to starts a florist shop. Others like cooking and go into catering, like Chef Wan. I love speaking and mentoring people. So I decided to coach business owners,” say Ng a former banker.

Warning guys! Here’s the bad news. When you transform your hobby into a business, it is no longer your hobby. Then you have to work hard as other business people are doing, put more effort, put more time into it, and actually the amount of money you make has a direct correlation with the amount of time invested.

Here are two critical questions to ask before taking the next step. Be honest. The answers can either push you into starting a business or keeping your hobby as pastime.

  • Are You Good Enough? While it is an important ingredient, passion alone is not enough to ensure success. Even if you are a good cook, running a business and cooking are two different things. You need to be passionate about being in business, and not just be passionate about what you are doing.
  • Can You Afford it? You have to have sufficient funds before you start the business like any other businesses.

So my next question is Are You Ready? Share your thoughts with me here.

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Why Biotech is important to us?

“The application of science and technology to living organisms, as well as parts, products and models thereof, to alter living or non-living materials for the production of knowledge, goods and services.”

Simply put, it is a technology that is based on biology, which uses living organisms to make innovative products that improve our lives. Our industry works in healthcare, agriculture and industry to meet life’s greatest needs in a carefully regulated way. – See more at:

This is really interesting subject to discuss here today. Why? View this video.

All of these bold technologies, and those that are still in the pipeline, promise a brighter future for Europe and the world. But for this to happen, the industry requires sounds policy decisions that support innovation and risk–taking as well as a public that is well informed about how biotech is creating a healthier, greener, more productive and more sustainable economy.

Are we ready for the change?

In 2005, Malaysia established the National Biotechnology Policy (NBP) that aims to turn the biotechnology sector into one of the key economic drivers in the nation, contributing 5% of the nation’s GDP by 2020. The NBP was designed to provide a comprehensive roadmap that would foster a conducive ecosystem for accelerated growth in the biotech industry. This has been implemented with three 5-year phases in mind.

Capacity Building

Phase I, 2005-2010

•Establishment of the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation, Advisory and Implementation Councils

•Development of knowledge workers and job supply

•Development of legal and IP framework

•Building of Malaysian branding within the biotechnology industry


Science to Business

Phase II, 2011-2015

•Development of local expertise

•Development of new products

•Technology acquisition and develop capability in technology licensing

•Intensified investment promotion and branding


Global Presence

Phase III, 2016-2020

•Consolidation of strengths and capabilities

•Strengthen technology and innovation licensing

•Further develop expertise

•Promote global Malaysian companies

The NBP spells out nine key thrusts that underpin these aspirations, namely:

•Agriculture Biotechnology Development

•Healthcare Biotechnology Development

•Industrial Biotechnology Development

•R&D and Technology Acquisition

•Human Capital Development

•Financial Infrastructure Development

•Legislative and Regulatory Framework Development

•Strategic Positioning

•Government Commitment

The National Biotechnology Division under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) is responsible for steering the national agenda through Research & Development, Technology Development, and Promotion of Biotechnology programs.

This has led to the establishment of three National Biotechnology Institutes: the Malaysia Agro-Biotechnology Institute, Malaysia Institute of Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals, and the Malaysia Genome Institute.

The Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation (BiotechCorp) was set up in 2005 as an agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation to execute the objectives of the NBP. Several initiatives, such as the BioNexus program for biotech start-ups have been implemented in order to realize various aspects of the NBP.

Before you go, let see on how this awesome technology could change our future energy! Sit back and enjoy viewing.

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Hari Raya Eidul Fitri 2014 di rumah Cikgu Rosli di Kuang

We are all from Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Jalan Temerloh Kuala Lumpur in the year 1973 till 1978. This year we manage to organize a Hari Raya Eidul Fitri gathering at Cikgu Rosli Hashim house in Kuang, Selangor.

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